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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Litter from Foxi III od Úhoště


Litter from Foxi III od Úhoště

Pups for sale in 2020

This litter is also mostly Czech and Slovakian, as usual. This one has a very low coefficient of inbreeding. Despite that there are some common ancestors from both sides, like Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu, Ajga Reolup or Dak z Rosíkova, and I'd like to see their influence on the pups' looks from either side. Thanks to the mother I'm hoping for some work-related talents, too.


COI: 1,58% !!!

AVK: 96,77%

COR: 3,14%


Mother: Foxi III od Úhoště

Bonitation code: A60 Oi Qm R1 Xv55 Xf108,3   (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)         ED: 0-0

DM: N/A             Dw: N/A




Father: Altyr z Podřipské samoty

Bonitation code: As Oc P3/ 67,5  Xv53,3 Xf109,6  (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)          ED: 0-0

DM: N/N              Dw: N/N





In pedigree of pups you can see:

16 dogs from Slovakian kennels

38 dogs from Czech kennels

4 dogs from German kennels

1 dog from Italian kennel

2 dogs from Hungarian kennel

1 dog from French kennel

Pedigree of pups: