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chien loup tchécoslovaque "od Úhoště"

Portée Fairy II od Úhoště

Portée Fairy II od Úhoště 

Another Czech and Slovakian litter, with a little more Czech blood. In the pedigree there are mostly large dogs with longer coats and with the right temperament that's been selected for, tried and proven since 1955. I am mainly focusing on Agar ReolupAmur z Ďáblova kaňonu and Bety Zepeř as the guarantees of quality for the litter. Combined with some tall czech females, that is. I expect the pups to be really tall, with beautiful heads, lively and energetic, suitable for breeding, shows, but also for sports or other dog activities

COI 2,61% 

COR 5,06% 

AVK 85,48%


Mère : Fairy II od Úhoště

Code de bonitation: A63,5 E1 Og Qp Xv53,5 Xf107,1 (CZ)    (âgé de 6,5 ans)

HD B  (examined in age 3,5 years)          ED 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/DM    Dw: N/N

Galerie de photos : ici









PèreDragontail Norský vlk

Bonitation code: As K1,3 Og P5/69 Xv53,6 Xf102,9 (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)      ED: 0-0

DM: N/N          Dw: N/N






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