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Würfe von Ultrix II od Úhoště


Würfe Ultrix II od Úhoště

Welpen zu Werkaufen: 26.1.2020 

My pups never lie under IR light and I move them out when they're three weeks old. I sell pups with great immunity, big and tough, but also well socialized, since they're in contact with different people.

COI: 1,95%

COR:  3,82%

AVK: 91,93%


Mutter: Ultrix II od Úhoště

Körungscode: As C2 K1 Od/61 Xv54,1 xf108,2  (CZ)

DM: N/N             Dw: N/N

HD: A (0/0)         ED: 0-0  (CZ)


Fotogalerie :  hier







Vater: Gaston Karo Arqeva

Körungscode: As H2 I2 K1 Of/68 Xv52,9 Xf110,3

HD: A (0/0)         ED: 0-0  (CZ)

DM: N/N             Dw: N/A





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