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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"


Scooter 2013

Here is video of our scooter trip by the river. Actors: Unique + Wickey and Quenno + Moki.




Mushing 2009/2010

This  video was filmed from biker´s trail from our city going to the next neighbor city. There are different kinds of slopes, up, down and turns. A little bit difficult for the wolfdogs but this is where they can spend much of thier energy and use their abilities to figure out how to go about it. There are also lots of interesting things on the trail, more  joggers and dogs too, so we don´t use this trail so often.

This video was filmed during the winter of 2009/2010. This is our favorite trail where we can do ten kilometers mushing  because we wont be disturbing people and cars, only wild animals. Our wolfdogs are very fond of meeting different animals, sometimes they will try to look at them and have second thoughts of chasing them but the remained focus on the trail. This trail is not a difficult one.

Here is a video of my favorite trail. I am the one standing on the sledge and my son taking the photos.