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chien loup tchécoslovaque "od Úhoště"

Portée Flora III od Úhoště


Portée  Flora III od Úhoště

Another unique litter, this time thanks to almost zero kinship among the last five generations. Flora has a gorgeous head with slant eyes and vibrant colors. Berryan Vlčí tlapka also has a likeable, wolf-like head. I hope the pups will look just as good

My pups never lie under IR light and I move them out when they're three weeks old. I sell pups with great immunity, big and tough, but also well socialized, since they're in contact with different people.

COI: 0,46% !!!

AVK: 100%

COR: 0,91%


Mère: Flora III od Úhoště

Code de bonitation:  A60 Oi Qp R1 Xv53,3 Xf106,7  (CZ)

DKK: A (0/0)      DLK: 0-0

DM: N/N             Dw: N/A

Galerie : ici





Père: Berryan Vlčí tlapka

Code de bonitation: As Of P3/68 Xv54,4 Xf107,4  (CZ)

HD: B (1/1)       ED: 0-0

DM: N/DM         Dw: N/N






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