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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Autumn is traditionally associated with puppies. That is, almost classically. Cindy was the first to start the autumn litters. It is my most valuable litter this year. Both Cindy III od Úhoště and Aik z Vlčích makov have Czech/Slovak pedigree. There are such litters in both countries of origin that he could count on the fingers of one hand. Sad. But I'll keep doing litters like this for as long as I can. And not to forget: Cindy has 10 beautiful puppies.
I am looking for best owners for puppies. Info about litter:


This year I also finished the green roof on the pens for raising puppies. The first flowers appeared already in June, and the roof was still blooming in September. We'll see what survives the winter. Next year, the rockeries should grow more. And the roof works beautifully. Even in the summer, the pens were pleasantly cool.

This year I planned to cover females in Slovakia. And in order not to leave too many dogs at home for the family to worry about, I filled the car to the ceiling with dogs and we set off. In the end, we stayed in Slovakia for about a week. I traveled through a large part of eastern Slovakia with the girls. I was returning with a covered Dejzy and Cindy.


This year, our Jara III od Úhoště decided to have puppies as the second one. I chose a great dog with a pure Czech/Slovak pedigree. I borrowed Calvin Crazy soul to stay with us and he spent a week's vacation with us. The covering took place as in nature. That is, as they wanted and when they wanted. I'm happy if it can go this way. Jara rewarded us with eleven puppies.
Choki was the first to have puppies this year. She moved labor and delivery completely outside of the normal due date. As the father of the puppies, I again chose a dog with a pure Czech/Slovak pedigree. It will be one of his last litters. So I enjoyed spring puppies this year.
The year 2022 was the year of Ryška and Tvíty. Both were preparing for the bonitation, which they also managed very well. Tvíty grew into a very self-confident dog and found that he really enjoyed the defense training. He was in his element at the bonitation because he could unleash terror with impunity. But otherwise he is a very balanced dog. Well, Ryška is therefore a new breeding female in my kennel. She is a monument to Quassia II od Úhoště. For me, the most beautiful Czech female I have ever seen.


Flora III and Foxi III od Úhoště

Buck II od Úhoště, his daughter Xuki II od Úhoště and her daughter Jara III od Úhoště.


Today a package came in with precious content from England. My pregnant females will be provided the best quality dog dry food and their little offspring will only eat the most delicious canned food. I'm very happy that the Best UK Dog Food Brand ships to the Czech Republic




Meet Xuki II od Úhoště, our future hope. Her father Buck II od Úhoště  has an absolutely amazing head and my favorite longer-haired coat. He’s my founding male Ali Reolup’s grandson, which is why I’ve chosen him. All of his puppies were very nice, so if I happen to have a suitable bride for him, I won’t hesitate to come again. I’ve chosen Xuki because this is exactly the kind of wolfdog I’d love to breed and spread. She’s very likeable, with a longer coat and a nice character.



Xuki II od Úhoště


 Quenno has left us, suddenly and unexpectedly. A “theoretical” leader of our little harem, always dominated by even the nicest females. He was an absolutely peaceful mind who hated conflicts and would always inconspicuously walk away from anything more disturbing than maybe a longer stare down. He was our tame giant, a strong and fast sled dog who pulled a scooter alone like it was nothing. We will miss him dearly. With no other chance to say goodbye, we made him a video.

Quenno od Úhoště

Video is



I have taken some photos of my oldest females, Moki and Wolfy. 


Moki od Úhoště 13 years, 8 months


Wolfy 10,5 years


Ultrix II od Úhoště is officially our new female for breeding. She’s a friendly girl who likes people, she’s healthy and very pretty. This year she’s  having her first litter. 
Ultrix II od Úhoště- test of character
This year Unique od Úhoště is teaching her daughter Tiki II od Úhoště  how to pull a scooter. In winter she will continue with a sled. Unique is an older lady, but I try to keep her fit. She’s very active and truly loves exercise.
All of my winter puppies are in their new homes and now it’s time to look forward to seeing great photos and getting fresh news from new owners. 
B III pups od Úhoště
We are now beginning to make breeding planes for 2017. I always look to find males, whos blood is not frequently in the population of wolfdogs. We always choose males with a good character and exterior too. My final decision about our future breeding pairs will be in May.
I want to wish all the owners of my pups and to all pups from my kennel
happy new year 2017.
During 2016 we had only a few litters born in my kennel. All the beautiful pups have (I hope) gone to very good homes and I hope they will have happy life. I wish them all the best of luck and they know they can ask me for any help and support.
Litter X II od Úhoště ( Brie Lostris + Buck II od Úhoště)
Litter Y II od Úhoště ( Xí od Úhoště + Domenico Tichý Stín)
Litter Z II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Cair Potomok vlkov)
Agara III od Úhoště ( Valska od Úhoště + Dragontail Norský vlk)
Christmas presents for wolfdogs od Úhoště.
Best of best for best wolfdogs 
My dogs love it
My dearest  Moki od Úhoště celebrates  her 13th birthday.  She is old, but still in good condition. We wish her a long life and health.


Everything here is ready for our 2016 pups. We have new,clean whelping boxes, our freezers are full frozen box of many types of meat, big boxes with rice and vitamins + minerals for pups and their mothers.  It is very important that pups must hear human voice from first hours so we have a radio.




A few photos of (not only) my females:

Unique od Úhoště and Cair Potomok vlkov


Xí od Úhoště and Domenico Tichý Stín




Brie Lostris and Buck II od Úhoště



The summer's beginning and we're impatiently awaiting our females' heat. Below [planned litters] is this year's breeding plan. I've chosen some very nice males the bloodline of which is pretty interesting and unusual in the wolfdog population. Some of them are young males that only recently have gotten their breeding licences.


I'm very happy to announce that our Tiki II od Úhoště is now one of my breeding bitches. Tiki is a daughter of father Brave Odin z Věrné smečky, from his only litter. She's a very gentle and sensitive girl who doesn't mind interacting with other boys and girls. When being evaluated, she calmly let people measure her, although she didn't like the elevated stand. During her temperament test she showed us how intimidating can such a little girl be.




World show Moscow 2016

My kennel was successful at the World Dog Show in Moscow, where Eetee II od Úhoště placed second in the Champion class and got the CAC and CACIB titles. My thanks to her owner, Grzegorz.

Eetee II od Úhoště

On the 10th June a national breed dog show was held in Nitra, Slovakia. I was there with Wolfdog II od Úhoště, a nine month old puppy. He succeeded, winning the World Special Puppy Winner title. As this was his first big show I couldn't be happier.

Wolfdog II od Úhoště
Here are a few of this year's successes of my kennel:

Eetee II od Úhoště + Czambor, Best pair, Poland                                         Poldi II od Úhoště, BOB, Ukraina


Séitheach II od Úhoště, BOB,  Korea                                                     Trhan II od Úhoště, BOB, Israel


Wolfdog and Vayu, a few new photos:



Wolfdog II od Úhoště ( world winner Wickey Crying wolf + multichampion Czambor z Vlčího dubu) 6 months


Vayu II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Evil Kurt Srdcerváč) 6 months


A few training photos of our youngest, one and a half year old Tiki II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Brave Odin z Věrné smečky)and our second oldest Quenno od Úhoště ( Moki od Úhoště + Doran z Ponického dvora), who is 10.5 years old. Even at his age Quenno is more than able to get really angry at the trainer.



Quenno od Úhoště (Moki od Úhoště + Doran z Ponického dvora)



Tiki II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Brave Odin z Věrné smečky)


9.4.2016  The rainy day on national dogshow in Ostrava, Czech republic


Eetee II od Úhoště Exc.2 res CAC                   Wukan II od Úhoště VN 1 Best Baby 


25.3.2016 The dog show season is beginning and the owners of my puppies are starting to notify me about their wolfdogs' successes. My kennel's first achievements of the year have been those at the Katowice (PL) dog show. Eetee II od Úhoště has been awarded the Best of Breed and Best Female titles. Young Wukan II od Úhoště has been the Best Puppy for both days of the show - I think the boy is off to a great start with his career. And his father Czambor z Vlčího dubu has been successful too - the best veteran of the breed and even of the whole show! There was even a small family meeting, the owners of Wolfdog II and Vayu II od Úhoště had come to watch the show.


Eetee II od Úhoště - 19. a 20.3. BOB                    Wukan II od Úhoště ( 19. a 20.3 Best pupy)


Czambor z Vlčího dubu ( 19. a 20.3. Best veteran) and his child: Eetee II , Wolfdog II and Vayu II od Úhoště


 Wolfdog II a Wukan II od Úhoště


23.1.2016 Venuše II od Úhoště left for Sweden where she is about to be trained to become an explosive detection dog. She is the second puppy her owner has acquired from my kennel. I’m always pleased when people recognize (and utilize) the working potential of my wolfdogs and come back for another puppy.


Venuše II od Úhoště

I send wishes to all the owners of my pups

Happy New year 2016 !!!

Year 2015 was very successful for my kennel. With the birth of new litters, some wolfdogs bred by me won shows all over the world and all my dogs are healthy and i hope you are satisfied too with their performance during last year. My oldest wolfdogs continue to be healthy and happy, what is most important. Moki od Úhoště celebrated 12 years and her son Quenno od Úhoště celebrated 10 years. I found new homes for a few wolfdogs from my kennel, which though various reasons and events lost their home. Its good to see them now settled and happy.


Quenno od Úhoště , Moki od Úhoště

Most successful wolfdogs were Quebeck II and Eetee od Úhoště. Quebeck is Junior world winner 2015 and both are multichampions already. Thank to their owner and big thank to all owners of my pups, who all keep good name of my kennel throughout the world. In Poland is not more succesful pair of wolfdogs. Unfortunatelly, it makes lot of envy and hatred.


Eetee II od Úhoště                              Quebeck II od Úhoště

On photo are Niki II and Nani II od Úhoště. Both females will come to me in 2016 for mating. I am happy, when owners of females use my services and they send me their females for breeding in Czech republic. I am very happy, when they use quality czech stud males. I hope more owners of my females will do the same in future.


We have built new kennels for my "wolfies". It is safe and nice, with equipment for games. This is good, as my wolfdogs need not to be bored, when they must be closed inside.



These two puppies will be "new base" of Australian breeding. I am happy, somebody will begin with this beautiful breed in this faraway country.


Wolfdog II and Vayu II od Úhoště
Laika II od Úhoště is rescue wolfdog in Spain. I am proud of her and I am happy, she has so good owner.

Litter V II od Úhoště , parents - Unique od Úhoště and Evil Kurt Srdcerváč

Litter W II od Úhoště, parents are world winner Wickey Crying wolf and  multichampion Czambor z Vlčího dubu


One photo of mating - Valska od Úhoště and Ir Oskár Dór.  Now we will wait.....


Unique od Úhoště + Evil Kurt Srdcerváč

More info you can see here


Wickey Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu

More info you can see here



Pups for sale!!!

More info here

I actualised section planned litters for 2015!!!

Info you can see here

new successes of Eetee od Úhoště: international show in Serbia:  Eetee II od Úhoště 2x excellent, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 2xBOB

Serbia Champion, Champion International d`Exposition


We taken a few photos of Tiki and Fairy, on our Prague trip


Two new photos of Fairy II od Úhoště


Fairy visited Czech stud male Cair Potomok vlkov. He is a club winner and he is a great working male with a few working exams. We accept reservations for pups

More info about both parents is



Fairy II od Úhoště + Cair Potomok vlkov


XX International Dog Show Katowice 20.03.2015r.

Eetee II od Úhoště excellent, CWC, CACIB, BOB


Czambor z Vlčího dubu & Eetee II od Úhoště   Best Brace place 4


Eetee II od Uhoste Best of Group place 4



13.3.2015  Our Wolfy is just now in heat!!!  If you like her wolfish look and her lovely character, you can reserve some pupy



Fairy is just now in heat.  If you like her, if you wish to have pupy for shows, breeding or some sport, you can contact me too. These pups will not be registred under my kennel name.


Fairy II odUhoště



24.2.2015  Today is a very sad for us. Our Kony left us at age 14,5 years. I hope, she enjoyed her life here. Dear Kony, this video is the last thing,  we can do for you.


We began a  new year with some fresh photos of my "pups" from owners.
Thanks to every owner, who sent me photos. I am happy to see our pups being so happy with their families.

Quassia II od Úhoště ( Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


Quaggy II od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


Quark II od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


Quebeck II od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


Quercus II od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


And some successes of wolfdogs from me.

Quassia II od Úhoště ( Wolfy Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


Quebeck II od Úhoště, BOB, BOG, BIS II.


Pedro II a Polly II od Úhoště , 

This year we have carefully chosen some stud males for our girls. If you are interested in some of our planned breeding pairing , please write to me about reservation of puppy. You can see more info


This year I plan to continue with the building of the wolfdog area. During year I will upload some photos all about our progress.


Fresh photos of our puppy Tiki II od Úhoště, maybe new hope in my kennel. She is really sweet, isn´t she?


Tiki II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Brave Odin z Věrné smečky)

Fairy is unfortunately back in my kennel. She is very beautiful female. Now she is in good condition already and we are slowly beginning with base training.


Fairy II od Úhoště ( Wolfy Crying wolf + Alien Srdcerváč)


 Message to all owners of my recent pups:

Hello friends. Now I have sold the last puppy of season 2014. As you have all bought pups from me you are now members of my extended family. I am here to help you all should you have any questions or need advice about your pups and I will continue to help and give advice throughout their life. I hope you will take care of my pups the best way you know how. I would like you all to keep me informed about all the successes you and your pups have throughout there life's please also keep me informed should you have any problems with your puppy. Please take the time and send me photos of your pups as they grow, and I will be able to send you all photos of your puppies' brothers and sister. Please let me know everything about the life of my "puppy" and please stay in contact with me as I want to see them all grow up. Thank you.

litter R II od Úhoště ( Wolfy Crying wolf +Czambor z Vlčího dubu)

litter S II od Úhoště ( Wickey Crying wolf + Cassanova Srdcerváč)


litter T II od Úhoště ( Unique od Úhoště + Brave Odin z Věrné smečky)

All wolfdogs "od Úhoště" eats mainly raw meat. But when we are out of home and we must feed them dry food, we use Millies Wolfheart food. Also when some dogs are in training, I use Millies Wolfheart as treats. This dry food is made by owners and wolfdog lovers for owners, wolfdog lovers working and sporting dogs alike. it does not contain biotin and it does not darken the eyes of our wolfdog darlings. 100% natural ingredients and grain free.


This year we made my new training area for dogs


And an area in front of kennels. This makes shadow in summer days.




Small garden house for dog equipment

This year we continue in building some good terrain and nice area for my wolfdogs. All this is on my large garden. So now they have place called "jungle", where my dogs can do really what they wish. They can destroy trees, dig deep holes,..... It is nice shade place in summer days too.



We build new kennel for my oldest females. Moki is 12 years old and Kony is 14 years old. They love to rest on high place, but they can´t jump now. So we build for them special kennel, with equipment for old dogs. Also they have soft place for rest, it saves their joints. I hope both ladies will enjoy this new kennel a few years.



Jolly Joker II od Úhoště from Germany is winner of intermediate class on special wolfdog show. Judge is wolfdog expert Soňa Bognárová, so I am very happy to hear she liked him.


Jolly Joker II od Úhoště


I built and manage this website to share information about my wolfdogs, the litters I bred and to share news concerning Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs related to my breeding program.Seldomly am I forced to comment on things happening in the world of CSWs, but this occassion will have to be an exception. A few days ago I received a message from my Slovakian friend telling me that my puppy Polo od Uhoste is looking for new home and she sent me a link to a facebook discussion about him. I was surprised to see an extensive discussion about Polo, about me as an uncaring and unscrupulous puppy miller, and about Polo's first owner, containing untruthful or downright sladerous information. My English leaves a lot to be desired (that's why I had a friend translate this long message into English for me), therefore I didn't read the whole facebook discussion, but forwarded the link to it to Polo's first owner immediately, so that he would tell me what is going on and he could act quickly to help Polo if necessary. It seems to me that the whole United States felt the need to comment on the situation with Polo and criticise me as a breeder, yet nobody (!!!) of the people participating in the discussion deemed necessary to at least let me know something is going on with a dog I bred. There is not a single od Uhoste dog that I wouldn't help - but first I need to KNOW he is in trouble. Just as I have arranged to have my puppies sent back from Canada, Russia, France or the last case was from Spain, so would I have taken care of Polo. Apparently some Americans have different mentality and prefer idle discussions to real effort. I'm disappointed that CSW breed in the United States is in the hands of such unsound people, because the majority of the FB discussion participants are also representatives of the US CSW Club. After my name was dragged through mud there is no way for me to effectively help Polo - "Save Polo Effort" is fully in the hands of people eminently interested in presenting themselves as the saviors. It's easy being a benefactor at someone else's expense. I truly hope it all ends well for Polo, and wish him the best new owners possible.

Our Quenno od Úhoště has been given really big presents this season with his beautiful litters he has one litter in Poland and one litter in Holland. I wish to pups happy life and good owners.

Our Wolfy is pregnant and we are so inpatient to see our new pups. It will be very soon we hope.


Wolfy Crying wolf

I have chosen the next father for liter of our Valska od Úhoště, for 2014. More info you can see



Valska od Úhoště + Ostin Eden Severu

I have some photos of 5 months old Nero II od Úhoště ( Valska od Úhoště + Celeb Jantarowa Wataha). When I compare his photos with the photos of Buck II od Úhoště ( Moki od Úhoště + Dero Sotis), They look like they are brothers. Both have such a nice head.


Buck II od Úhoště


Nero II od Úhoště

Our Quenno od Úhoště celebrates his 8th Birthday. I wish him many happy years and long good health. he will have two litters now, one in Poland and one in Holland.


Quenno od Úhoště 8 years

Our Moki celebrates her 10th Birthday. She is still full of energy. Now she is slowly chief of my pack, because her mother Kony (13 years) has not the energy already. I wish to Moki many happy and healthy years.



Moki od Úhoště

4.9.2013  Ko-ko z Molu es celebrates her 13. Birthday. She is still full of energy and in these days she is in heat and she wants very much to have pups with her grandson Quenno Od Úhoště, still a sparkle in her eye for the males! I wish for her to have this energy over the next years too.


Ko-ko z Molu Es

19.8.2013 Both my females have been bred. If interested you can see more info on the litters here.

Unique Od Úhoště + Czak Grey Střípek snů



Wickey Crying wolf + Amore Mio Srdcerváč



7.8.2013  Fresh photos of pups from Valska and Celeb.

21.7. 2013 Today is Birthday of litter N II Od Úhoště. Pups and mother Valska are health and ok. We are so happy!!!  I take last reservations for these pups. More info about both parents you can see 




7.6.2013  here are a few photos from today our scooter trip by the river. I have many of photos and some video. Photos will be in the gallery-section "scooter".

Here you can see the video


Wickey Crying wolf, Unique Od Úhoště, Quenno Od Úhoště y Moki Od Úhoště



Both of my females- Wolfy and Valska, visited their "males" already. Now we can only cross fingers for pups, two months later. Pups will be for sale at the end of August. I take reservations for these pups. More info about litters you can see


Wolfy planned litter                  Valska planned litter


Valska Od Úhoště    a    Celeb Jantarowa wataha


Wolfy Crying wolf    a    Czambor z Vlčího dubu

It is now visible on my website a video of the Russian program Rosia 1, Planet of dogs. there is a report from Czech Republic about Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. There you can see the work with Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs in the country of origin. Thanks to continuing character selection (Czech Bonitations) since 1955, we keep a very good working possibility for this breed. There is a few minutes about Easter wolfdog meeting with training , a few minutes about my kennel Od Úhoště and a few minutes of dialog with creator of breed- Karel Hartl. My dogs was pulling scooter (one female 12 years old and second female 8.5 years old) and my females was running and walking with reporter. Everybody can see, how friendly and open Czechoslovakian wolfdog can be . Czech Club recommended me as "best breeder", so Russian TV visited just my kennel. I am very happy about this and proud. Enjoy this 


I got some new photos from owners of my pups. Daaro II Od Úhoště (Wickey Crying wolf + Alien Srdcerváč) during training for his next exam.



Farus II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf+ Alien Srdcerváč)


Daafy II Od Úhoště ( World winner Wickey Crying wolf + Champ. Alien Srdcerváč) has a breeding licence! He passed bonitation in Czech Republic ,with an absolutely great bonitation code 68OfP1 . He surprised everybody, when he showed how he was such a friendly czech wolfdog. Daafy has a very good temperament, he is a middle sized male, very athletic body with light movement and longs legs. He has short tail and ears. He is a rare breeding male in Czech due to a very interesting pedigree of Galiba Crying wolf. If somebody will want use his "services", contact me. A female can be with Daafy during whole time mating in his kennel.

More info about Daafy you can see


Video of bonitation you can see


Album of his bonitation you can see


Album of Daafy you can see




Daafy II Od Úhoště

Fendy II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Alien Srdcerváč) attended the Association Canine Maine-Anjou Exposition canine internationale Angers France 31/03/2013
Fendy II Od Úhoště: INTERMEDIATE FEMALE C.A.C.S EXCELLENT, Judge M KARCHER.  (Excellent height, well proportioned. Beautiful chest, good front angulation, beautiful wolf-like head with well-placed ears. ) OPEN FEMALE BOB R.C.A.C.I.B EXCELLENT


Fendy II Od Úhoště

Today visiting us were Russian reporters for shooting a film of my wolfdogs as "Best Czech Kennel" smiley . They are from the main Russian TV channel- Russia 1. Name of program is Planet of dogs. My females changed from normal wolfdogs to stars and they showed them very well and with great pleasure. All my females are very friendly and they love other people. So reporter Gregorij was their "best friend" from first moment. In the end my oldest females pulled him on scooter. It was very nice day for me and my dogs. Now I will wait for this program on Russian TV.


Gregorij between my wolfdogs


Wickey enjoyed contact with Gregorij


Wickey shows absolute fusion with a male stranger. I am happy - my wolfdogs have great friendly characters.


Wolfy did not need me for the whole day. "Do you want me to walk in front of camera? No problem. Do you want me to walk behind the camera? I can....


Gregorij explains , we do not need aggressive dogs that attacked everybody, in modern Europe we need dogs as companions, that can go with us everywhere and which are friendly to people.

And now the girls pull the scooter to camera, slowly please

More photos


24.3.2012   This weekend was successful for my kennel. 

In Italy was big club show. Our Zenith Od Úhoště (Wickey Crying wolf + Czambor z Vlčího dubu) was on 1st place in champion class, CLC.


Zenith : "yes, I am winner"   smileyyes


 Zenith Od Úhoště

In Russia was a great weekend too, my pups Aaimee II and Ginger II Od Úhoště were very successful too:EURASIA Show Russia-1t day: Aaimee II Od Úhoště-CAC, CACIB,CHAMPION EURASIA,CHAMPION RKF, BOS, BEST OF BREED, GINGER II Od Úhoště- CAC,R.CACIB. EURASIA Show Russia-2t day: Aaimee II Od Úhoště-CAC,R.CACIB.  GINGER II Od Úhoště-CAC,CACIB,CHAMPION EURASIA,CHAMPION RKF


Aaimee II Od Úhoště              Ginger II Od Úhoště

Ginger II Od Úhoště


I chosen a male for my Wickey for 2013. I have begun to take reservation for litter from Wickey Crying wolf and Ferral z Deštné hory. If you want to be in a good place on my list for choosing of puppy, don´t wait and reserve puppy right now. More info about litter



Wickey Crying wolf                                      Ferral z Deštné hory


 Message to all owners of my recent pups:

Hello friends. Now I have sold the last puppy of season 2012/2013. As you have all bought pups from me you are now members of my extended family. I am here to help you all should you have any questions or need advice about your pups and I will continue to help and give advice throughout their life. I hope you will take care of my pups the best way you know how. I would like you all to keep me informed about all the successes you and your pups have throughout there life's please also keep me informed should you have any problems with your puppy. Please take the time and send me photos of your pups as they grow, and I will be able to send you all photos of your puppies' brothers and sister. Please let me know everything about the life of my "puppy" and please stay in contact with me as I want to see them all grow up. Thank you.

25.2.2013   We had winter on 24.02.2013. For a long time we have not had snow. So I have been able to make some mushing photos while the snow was here.

Unique Od Úhoště,Wolfy Crying wolf, Valska Od Úhoště, Moki Od Úhoště, Quenno Od Úhoště, Wickey Crying wolf,Ko-ko Z Molu Es


Unique Od Úhoště (4,5years)                               Wolfy Crying wolf (6 years) a Valska Od Úhoště (4,5 years)


Moki Od Úhoště (9 years), Quenno Od Úhoště (7 years), Wickey Crying wolf (6 years) ,Ko-ko z Molu Es (12,5 years)

11.2.2013  During last few months I have got some photos of my pups. Many of them are not in good quality, so I publish here only some better photos for the time being until new photos are sent.


Aaimee II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Ostin Eden Severu)


Aargo II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Ostin Eden Severu)


Iky Od  Úhoště (Assisi z Dehnic + Ali Reolup) 12 let


Buck II Od Úhoště (Dero Sotis + Moki Od Úhoště)


Daafy II Od Úhoště  (Wickey Crying wolf + Alien Srdcerváč)


Eetee II Od Úhoště ( Czambor z Vlčího dubu + Unique Od Úhoště)


Ennie II Od Úhoště (Czambor z Vlčího dubu + Unique Od Úhoště)

Farus II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Alien Srdcerváč)


Ginka II Od Úhoště (Erik z Věrné smečky + Wickey Crying wolf)


Kairo Od Úhoště ( Ko-ko z Molu Es + Ali Reolup) 10 let


Jenny II Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Amore Mio Srdcerváč)


Jolly Joker Od Úhoště (Wolfy Crying wolf + Amore Mio Srdcerváč)


Jórunn II Od Úhoště ( Wolfy Crying wolf + Amore Mio Srdcerváč)


4.1.2013 First planned litter for 2013 is here. More info about both parents you can see




Wolfy Crying wolf                                                         Czambor z Vlčího dubu

Happy new year 2013!!!


30.9.2012  I got fresh photos from Canada. Fina II Od Úhoště, 11 months


Fina II Od Úhoště

International show Wroclav, Poland. Ginka II Od Úhoště best young dog, best of breed- BOB!!!  Ginka is only 11 months old. Big congratulation to Ela

Ginka II Od Úhoště

8.8.2012   Litter "J" II Od Úhoště is here!!   Parents: Wolfy Crying Wolf + Amore Mio Srdcerváč!!!


Litter  "J" II Od Úhoště

5.8.2012 was in Germany Special wolfdogshow of german club. Judge was specialist for wolfdogs from country of origin- Soňa Bognárová. Pups from me was succes in classes. But biggest succes for my kennel was first place as best breeding group 2012!!!  Thanks to all owners of my german "pups".


Massimiliano + Zenith Od Úhoště                          Best breeding group 2012- kennel Od Úhoště

                                 Karen + Caandy II Od Úhoště

                                 Kerstin + Xtraa Od Úhoště

                                 Jens + Vilja Lara Od Úhoště


Today was Czech Republic club show 2012 and I am very happy to
share this great news with everyone: Zenith Od Úhoště was the winner of the clubshow, BOB. Big congratulation to Maxi and Zenith, it was a really strong competition of 86 wolfdogs from their country of origin!!!


Zenith Od Úhoště (Wickey Crying wolf x Czambor z Vlčího dubu)


And my congartulation to Xtraa Od Úhoště. He got on  international show in Germany excelent 1, CAC,CACIB!


I offer for stud (mating) two of my males: Quenno Od úhoště and Dero Sotis.

Quenno Od Úhoště  (Moki Od Úhoště x doran z Ponického dvora)has an interesting bloodline, with his father being Doran z Ponického dvora. This bloodline is not common in the global population of wolfdogs. Quenno has a  very good coat, with orange, black and white colours and strong pigmentation. Quenno always sires very big pups, with males usually over 70cm. Quenno is 73cm high himself.


Quenno Od Úhoště

Dero Sotis (Alkyona Sotis x Cherokee Crazy Eden Severu) comes from a strong working line of wolfdogs. He is a typical member of "Group number 4", which are wolfdogs that  usually  show good working characteristics. This character comes from Nuk z PS, resulting in dogs with strong working character, which is what we can see in many generations of wolfdogs in the country of origin. Dero´s working character comes  from Milo Ruskov dvor, Inka z Litavské kotliny, Hasso Kladenská záře(second most succesful working wolfdog with 16 exams). This working character  can be seen in Dero´s pups too. It is character of working german sheepdog or crazy malinoa (Belgian sheepdog). They usually like training and they work for the pleasure of owner. They do like to bark,aport..... So if you're looking for a quality puppy capable for all types of training, visit us.


Dero Sotis

Should you want your female to be mated with one of our stunning males you can either leave you female with us for the mating to take place or you are more than welcome to camp on our land while your female is mated, we would be happy to have you stay.



Dero Sotis and Quenno Od Úhoště

I have some sad news: Lucky Od Úhoště is no longer with us. He had a good bloodline from Baskervil Kanýčo who only had a few pups, his bloodline is not common in the population of wolfdogs both here (in country of origin) and around the world , he has now crossed the rainbow bridge. Good luck Lucky....


24.3.2012  European wolfdog show 2012 in Italy
Zenith Od Úhoště winner of open class, CAC, res. CACIB in class with
20 other competitors. Judge- slovak wolfdog expert Tibor Havelka.



Zenith Od Úhoště

 23.3.2012 Today I received some photos of my canadian "puppy" Monkey Od Úhoště . This year he will be 9 years old, he is still a very beautiful man. Like his brother Murphy, who lives here in Czech. Both brothers are in good condition and healthly. On photos I can see "in them" , their father, my Ali Reolup.

Monkey Od Úhoště 8 years

Murphy Od Úhoště 8,5 years

I am very happy, when my puppy owners come back to me, show they are satisfied and choose another puppy. Like the owners of Murphy. They are now owners of small Haro II Od Úhoště.

22.3. 2012  Life is like a swing, one day you're happy, and the next day you're sad.  Today I received some very sad news from Spain, beautiful Aazy II Od Úhoště who lived in  Spain had a fatal accident and is no longer with us. She was a beautiful  girl with so much promise. My sincere condolences Hugo, it is a very sad day  for both of us.

Aazy II Od Úhoště

21.3.2012 First dogshow of small Farus II Od Úhoště: Best puppy male. Big congratulation and thanks to owners

Farus II Od Úhoště 

21.3.2012  I have received two photo's from Germany, from Karen and Jens, owners of Caandy.
I am always very happy, when somebody use these techniques to enhance the working potential of my pups and I encourage dog sports, activities and training. It is great to see Caandy (with blue harness) working and enjoying herself.

Caandy II Od Úhoště

 I have also received photo's from my Polish friends, owners of Ginka II Od Úhoště  and Eetee II Od Úhoště. They met at a show in Poland in Katowice and they did not forget to send me photo's of pups.

Eetee II a Ginka II Od Úhoště

Eetee a Ginka                                                     Eetee                                   Ginka


16.3.2012  Message to all owners of my recent pups:

Hello friends. Now I have sold the last puppy of season 2011/2012. As you have all bought pups from me you are now members of my extended family. I am here to help you all should you have any questions or need advice about your pups and I will continue to help and give advice throughout their life. I hope you will take care of my pups the best way you know how. I would like you all to keep me informed about all the successes you and your pups have throughout there life's please also keep me informed should you have any problems with your puppy. Please take the time and send me photos of your pups as they grow, and I will be able to send you all photos of your puppies' brothers and sister. Please let me know everything about the life of my "puppy" and please stay in contact with me as I want to see them all grow up. Thank you.

When you pay for a puppy and it leaves my kennel, it does not mean my interest
about the puppy ends, But if you find that your puppy needs some help, I am here for you. I now have here for "holidays" two of my "pups" which needed my help. The owners of both these dogs have had some work related problems, so the dogs are staying in my kennel for now until the owners have sorted there problems out. Una  normally lives in Spain, so I must learn some basic Spanish words for communication with her, and Timmy is from Germany.My "dog walks" are now like language lessons. 

Una Od Úhoště and Timmy Od Úhoště 

Una Od Úhoště

A few photos from a spring walk 

Unique and Wickey                         Quenno Od Úhoště

Wolfy and Quenno             Wickey

Dero Sotis and his perfect tail smiley

Wickey and Dero                              Dero, Unique a Wickey

Konynka 11,5 years                Kony with daughter  Moki, always together

14.3.2012 I have a few photos of Giny Od Úhoště. She is now 13 years old, but still very beautiful. This beautiful lady is oldest living wolfdog in Finland. Thank you Suski for photos.

Giny Od Úhoště

22.2.2012  I've got a german breeding male Timmy Od Úhoště accomodated in my kennel temporarily. His father is Karlik Crying wolf,who unfortunately had managed to be a father for only two litters before he died, therefore his blood has been very precious since his death and his son, Timmy, might be a very interesting option for breeding. His movement is great and so is his tail position and sitting, his "dry" head and rather longer coat. It is possible for your female to stay here during the mating. For more info about Timmy, feel free to contact me


Timmy Od Úhoště (Karlik Crying wolf x Moki Od Úhoště)


 9.2.2012  16months old Daaro II Od Úhoště, which is living in Thailand, passed IPO BH exam. I am happy. Big congratulation and thanks to owner Michael. Short video is here:



17.2.20122  First succes of our youngest pups. Ginka II Od Úhoště, national dogshow in Bydgoszcz (Poland) , "Very promised 1", Best puppy. Congratulation and thanks to owner Ela.

Ginka II Od Úhoště 3,5 měsíce

And some new photos of small Eetee II Od Úhoště, which lives in Poland with her father Czambor z Vlčího dubu. She has my favorite head with wolfish position of eyes and my favorite orange colour of coat.



Eetee II Od Úhoště 3,5 months and Czambor z Vlčího dubu

15.2.2012 Great new!  Buck II Od Úhoště, son of my Dero Sotis and Moki Od Úhoště have fresh result of X-ray researching: HD A (0/0) , ED 0. I have some fresh photos too (sorry about technical quality).

Buck II Od Úhoště 15 months

6.2.2012  I got some new pics of a year old female Aimee II Od Úhoště, daughter of my Wolfy Crying wolf. She had been sold to Russia where she without me knowing had changed her owner, who hadn't liked her, so he advertised her on a Russian web. Thanks to my russian "wolfdogfriends" I could identify her quickly and buy her back. She stayed in Russia, we managed to find a new owner for her and I hope she becomes a very good Russian breeding female. I wish every potential buyer really did think twice about buying a wolfdog.
My thanks go to Olga and Morian for their quick and useful help.



Aaimee II Od Úhoště 14 months


6.2.2012  I got my hands on some pics of our Dero's Sotis puppies. They were born in a german kennel Outlaws Heaven. Breeder Torsten appreciates their great working abilities. He wrote me that he thinks their character resembles that of malinois, and I totally share the opinion. I'm glad some owners actually suport wolfdogs' working abilities.

Ethenia Outlaws heaven, daughter of Dero  Sotis

5.2.2012  I'm adding new pics of Vita Od Úhoště, who lives in Sweden, where they actually have some snow, unlike us. I think I won't even use the sled this year.


Vita Od Úhoště


1.2.2012     Zenith Od Úhoště is "Top dog ENCI 2011"   !!!!!

Big congratulation!!!

 22.112012 Our Valska Od Úhoště has got pups. They are very nice and enjoy a good health. I
m taking reservations for the last puppy - male. Today the owners of pup's father - Akeenah Runar Waawanyanka - paid us a visit. Akeenah's blood isn't very common in Europe, so his sons might be very interesting for all european females in the future. I am ready to help you with the transport to FRANCE at about 15th February (by car)


Litter L  II Od Úhoště 18 days.



22.12.2011 Today a christmas greeting and a new year greeting were supposed to be here, but now it will have to wait I guess. When someone breeds dogs for a long time, he has to anticipate the fact, that one day he will have to begin to say goodbye to some of them. Well: Today I got some very sad news from Norway. At the age of twelve and a half, Fellow Od Úhoště has passed away - the dog, that with his owner Per Olav fought against norwegian government's law that had banned breeding of czechoslovakian wolfdogs in Norway.


Fellow Od Úhoště


12.12.2011 I got short video from Mike from Thailand, Daaro II Od Úhoště during training:



11.12.2011 Today I made some photos of our pregnant Valska Od Úhoště. I take her for a walk only with our Quenno already, because Quenno is a gentleman and his games are much less violent.


Valska Od Úhoště, 39. day of pregnancy


5.12.2011 Great news from Sweeden. Vita Od Úhoště has became the Champion of Sweden! Congratulations and big thanks go to Stef. Thank him for propagating the czechoslovakian wolfdog not only as a dog for shows, but as a sport-suitable breed too. Vita does mushing, canicross,...


Vita Od Úhoště 

3.12.2011 I got  some new photos of young Aargo II Od Úhoště, which is living in Germany, from Veronika. Aargo is 12 months old and I think he will be a very nice male in the future.


Aargo II Od Úhoště

The owner of Y-Hati Od Úhoště made some fresh photos too. Hati is a daughter of my Moki Od Úhoště and Ostin Eden Severu.


Y-Hati Od Úhoště

25.11.2011 All pups from Unique and Wickey have already been reserved.  I am now taking reservations for the last pups from Wolfy, Queen, and Moki. More info about these parents is available in the "pups for sale" section.

24.11.2011 Our Queen Od Úhoště has her pups!  Last year she didn't have a litter, and this year she was in heat later than usually expected.  Our last litter of pups from Ostin Eden Severu were healthy, with great HD results, beautiful "dry type" of heads, and nice characters.  So we're hoping this litter from Queen will be equally as pleasing.  For sale are females and one male.  The pups have an interesting pedigree for breeding; there are not many pups from Doran z Ponickeho dvora in the breeding world.  And we have not had many dogs from this old kennel "Z Ponického dvora" either, especially healthy dogs with HD "A".  Queen, the mother of the pups, follows this bloodline.   Ostin doesn't have many pups in the country of origin either, and few in the world, with most being from my kennel.  I would prefer owners who are interested in breeding for this litter.


Queen before.....                          After........


Queen Od Úhoště and litter CH II Od Úhoště

24.11.2011 I received some photos from Argentina.  Volf od Úhoště has met the sea for the first time.  Thank you, Martin, for sending me news and photos of our Volf.


Volf Od Úhoště

Also, some new photos from Thailand.  Mike always sends me photos of Daaro II Od Úhoště.  Daaro is in his 12th month and is almost ready to pass IPO 1 exam.  I leave it to Mike to know how to prepare, because Mike is an IPO judge for South-East Asia.

Daaro II Od Úhoště 12 months, perfect body

7.11.2011 Our Moki Od Úhoště has had her pups.  Pups will be for sale at 12.December.  Moki is a typical daughter of my Ali Reolup, the male which my kennel's blood is based from.  Moki is our "sunshine", she has a very quiet character, never conflicting, not dominant, and very easily handled.  She has a great longer coat with strong orange-white-grey colors, my favorite.  In every litter she has had some puppies with great working characters.  The genes for work come from her mother Ko-ko z Molu Es, and Ko-ko's parents from kennel Mrazivé ticho and kennel z Kladenské záře.  The father of the pups, Cork Stín vlka, is very crazy and temperamental, who loves all people and shows he love to everyone by jumping and kissing everyone's faces.  If someone is looking for a work or sport dog with a quality, longer coat, contact me.  For sale are females and male.


Moki Od Úhoště and " H II " litter Od Úhoště

14.10.2011 Our Valska Od Úhoště is just now going into heat.  This is not her typical time for entering heat, and so she may not be ovulating.  We chose a very nice male for her.  His nickname is Teddy Bear, and he has a gorgeous character, as his name implies.  So, Valska will spend next week with Akeenah Runar Waawanyanka.  I am not sure if any pups will come from this, but it is up to Valska and nature to decide.  If not this year, then next time we will use Akeenah again.  This will be her first litter.


Valska Od Úhoště   and   Akeenah Runar Waawanyanka

13.11.2011  Wolfy's and Wickey's pups have very attractive, light colors; similar to Wickey's first litter (that had World Winner Zenith).  I think some of the pups in Wolfy's litter will have "yellow" colour, just like Wolfy. (klick here)


27.10.2011  Wickey has pups!!!

Our World winner Wickey has pups too. If you wish puppy for shows, you can contact me. Not reserved are only last two females.



In this moment we have pups from Unique and from Wolfy. I have not reserved only two females from Unique. From Wolfy I have not reserved males and females, she has much of pups . Wickey is always waiting pups and she always wants pups of Unique and Wolfy.

Unique (totally satisfied)
Wolfy (contentment)
Wickey (waiting her own pups)

23.10.2011 Great news from Germany:  Caandy II Od Úhoště (daughter of our Unique Od Úhoště) is German juniorchampion. Big congratulations and thanks to owner Karen


Caandy II Od Úhoště


11.10.2011 I made a few photos of my pregnant females.



Unique, Wickey, Wolfy and Moki



4.10.2011  Today Assisi z Dehnic left us, at 14 years, 8 months, and 6 days of age.  I think Ali Reolup, her life partner, awaits her by the "golden gate".  Down here they will also rest side by side.  Assisi was my breeding female, and gave to the "wolfdog world" many healthy pups.  Her son Hero Od Úhoště was the most successful working wolfdog in the history of the breed, and her pups all had very good working characters.  She was a great mom.  Assisi, thank you.

This weekend Nuno and Angela visited me from Portugal.  They were here to look at my wolfdogs and reserve a puppy for December.  They could see how friendly and open the character of the Czech Wolfdogs can be. 


26.9.2011 Sometimes I must write here very sad sentences. Yesterday acrossed Hero Od Úhoště rainbow bridge.....


!!! Also, frozen sperm of both my males (Dero Sotis , Quenno Od Úhoště)  is available.  I must know at least a week in advance for 48 hour shipping worldwide, in order to arrange all the necessary documents and certificates.  Please write me for additional information, if you are interested.  Note:  I only provide sperm for artificial insemination to pure breed Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs with an FCI (AKC, CKC) pedigree.!!!


23.9.2011 a few new photos of Daaro II Od Úhoště from Thailand. He is learning aport over barrier.


Daaro II Od Úhoště


4.9.2011 Our Kony (Ko-ko z Molu Es) is celebrating her 11th birthday.  She is a very, very crazy female, with a dominant temperament.  She can always be found running around with my other dogs, and daily shows the other females who's the boss.  Kony, I wish you more healthy and crazy years to come.



Kony (Ko-ko z Molu Es)


4.9.2011 Our Moki Od Úhoště is spending some nice time with her husband, Cork Stín vlka, also.  I have used Cork already, for my "U" litter.  I liked his pups, and my  Unique Od Úhoště is actually from his litter.  I am pleased with the good characters and nice exteriors that the pups from Cork have had.  So we have seen what we can expect from him, and are excited to have similar success in his next offspring.  Moki is my sun...she is a very nice family dog, not crazy, and 100% obedient.  She always is the mother of pups with beautiful heads and faces. 


Moki Od Úhoště a Cork Stín vlka

28.8.2011 All females are back at home


Wickey and Wolfy travel to home.

21.8.2011 This weekend was a success for Xtraa Od Úhoště in Germany again.  On Saturday he obtained excelent 2. and in Sunday excelent 1. best male on international show in Leipzig.


Xtraa Od Úhoště

21.8.2011 I received new photo's from the owner of Erik z Věrné smečky, where our Wickey is spending some nice time this week.  Wickey is a very friendly female, and respects Erik's owners as if they were her own.  She goes on free walks to the woods and the water with Erik and his family.  Wickey is the 2009 World Winner, from an expert wolfdog judge from Solvakia: Oskár Dóra.  Her son is also a world winner, in 2011.  Erik z Věrné smečky  is champion of the Czech Republic.  So if you're desiring a great puppy for showing, contact us.



Erik z Věrné smečky and Wickey Crying wolf

21.8.2011 My Wolfy Crying wolf is spending some nice time with her boyfriend Alien Srdcerváč.  She is also a friendly female, and she has no problems being with a male in his area during mating.  I used Alien last year for mating with Wolfy's sister, Wickey, and their pups were very nice and healthy, so we think these pups will be very good also.  Both parents are winners of shows, and both have very good characters.  We look forward to having some pups with great characters.

Wolfy and Alien Srdcerváč

18.8.2011   My  Unique Od Úhoště has been spending some nice time in Poland, with her husband Czambor z Vlčího dubu.  She has a very open and friendly temperament, and is always smiling.  She is comfortable around new areas away from home and meeting strange new people.  She goes on walks through the woods with Czambor, where they both run free without their leashes.  She respects her "new owners" and has been very obedient.  When she gets all of the Czambor she can handle, we will travel to her and bring her back home.  Hopefully two months later she will surprise us with some new pups.  Here are some photo's of them both, from the owner of Czambor  in Poland:



Czambor z Vlčího dubu and Unique Od Úhoště


Recently I am reminded of the anniversary of Ali Reolup crossing the rainbow bridge.  I will never forget him.  He will always live on through the strong bloodline he established at my kennel.  Today he has over 2,781 offspring around the world. 


Ali Reolup


15.5.2011 In last moment I must change father of my litter from my female Wolfy. More info about new father is in section "planned litters".

I got new photos of Teddy Od Úhoště, son of my female Moki Od Úhoště. He is very similar to his brother Terry. Here are photos of both brothers:


Teddy Od Úhoště                                    Terry Od Úhoště




Great news, Zenith Od Úhoště, who lives in Italy, is the 2011 World Winner in the Paris show.  We are very happy for him.  He is only 1.5 years old and has had more success than many of the older dogs at the shows, under the category: "males: champion class".  We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Massimiliano for his wonderful presentation of Zenith, and through him, representing kennel Uhoste.  The parents of Zenith, Wicky and Czambor, have good reason to be proud of their son.  Wickey will be having pups again this winter, and we plan on using Czambor again this season for one of my females.  Hopefully, in years to come, their pups will also be as successful in their ventures.


Happy Maxi and Zenith Od Úhoště

Czambor z Vlčího dubu and his son Zenith Od Úhoště


In Germany there was a special wolfdog-show, with the judge being a specialist from the Czech Republic.  Some of my pups were there, and here are their results: Aargo II Od Úhoště – Excelent 4.,  Caandy II Od Úhoště Excelent 1 (Young winner),   Anuschka II Od Úhoště Excelent,  Vilja Lara Od Úhoště Excelent.

Caandy II Od Úhoště                    Anuschka II Od Úhoště

Vilja Lara Od Úhoště

And german show in Bad Schönborn , where Caandy II Od Úhoště was best puppy.


29.5.2011 News from Sweden. Vita Od Úhoště won CACIB on international dogshow in Stockholm.


Vita Od Úhoště

18. and 19.6.2011  This weekend was a success for my " italian puppy" Zenith Od Úhoště in Germany again.  On Saturday he won  show titles of: CACa, CACIB, and BOS, on international show in Klagenfurt. In Sunday he won CACa, CACIB, BOB.  He was the best wolfdog of the international show as well. Again-thanks to owner Massimiliano and big congratulations. On the same show won Aaime II Od Úhoště first place in puppy class and titel Best puppy, Caajda II Od Úhoště was 3. place.

Aaime II Od Úhoště
Caajda II Od Úhoště

4.6.2011  Today I visited one of the wolfdogs from my kennel - Hero Od Úhoště.  Thanks to his 18 passed working exams and title of International Champion, Hero is the most successful and universal wolfdog in the history of the breed.  He participated in some of the most difficult exams, and I think that his record will not be broken for a very long time.  He has also been successful in his show-titles.  Hero is now 11 years and 4 months old, but still in perfect condition.  I wish him a long life.

Hero Od Úhoště


4.6.2011  This weekend was a success for Zenith Od Úhoště in Italy again.  On Saturday he won  show titles of: CAC, CACIB, and BOB, on international show in Turin.  He was the best wolfdog of the international show as well. 


Zenith Od Úhoště


Here are a few photos of Xí Od Úhoště, going through protection training.  This type of training can be a great way to expend all the excess energy our wolfdogs have.  Protection training is based on their hunting instincts, and isn't focused on aggression against people.  In the photos, you can see the figure touch the dog on the neck, near the mouth.  All the training must be fun for the dog.  As you can see, the dog has a happy face and both the dog and person are enjoying the activity, like a game.  And in the end, the dog gets to be the winner...it gets to kill the dummy


Thanks to owners of Xí, they try this activity 


Czambor z Vlčího dubu visited our kennel and met our Unique Od Úhoště. We are definitely considering to mate this handsome stud with great character, great exterior and a very nice coat to Unique. They had a nice time togerher and  I think they will get along in time of Unique's next heat. I am very happy to watched them together.


4.5.2011 I have received the test results for my male Dero Sotis and it appears he is free of dwarfism.  That means his future pups will not receive a genetic mutation, which is good news!  So ladies, Dero is here, waiting for you.  If you wish pups with interest in his "old slovak blood" pedigree, then he is available.  Females can come visit with Dero and stay with us during the mating process.  Dero has very nice short ears, great deploying, and his tail has the correct support structure.  He is HD A and has a correct set of teeth.


Dero Sotis


 30.4.2011  My Valska Od Úhoště has passed bonitation.  We are very happy, and now have all our females ready for breeding.  Valska was very friendly during the whole bonitation process.  The test of character this year was extra difficult, because of stormy weather during the tests.  Some of the dogs were fearful of the thunderstorm, which could have negatively impacted their test results.  Valska was unhappy about the thunder and lightning, but she reacted to the attacking figure very well, and was friendly to the group of people during the testing, thankfully!  Hopefully we will never have a similar situation in any future tests.  Unfortunately the weather was so poor that we were unable to take photos of the testing to share.



Valska Od Úhoště, bonitation code A62K1OhP1 Xv53,2 Xf106,5


In Jevišovice two of my pups were also present, and they passed their youth presentation.  Both Caandy II Od Úhoště  and Aargo II Od Úhoště from Germany are very nice and friendly pups.  They have no defects and both received good youth presentation codes.  On the day of the presentation we celebrated a small half-birthday, since they were just turning 6 months old.


Caandy II Od Úhoště                   Aargo II Od Úhoště


Aargo´s head- copy of head of his mother Wolfy               Aargo - test of character for pups

16.4.2011 They held their first spring Czech bonitation in Roudnice.  Xí Od Úhoště passed with very good results.  Xí is a very friendly female, with a great character.  I would like to thank and congratulate her owners.  They have a great female for breeding.


Xí Od Úhoště

Also in Roudnice I met a 5.5 month old puppy from our Moki Od Úhoště and my Dero Sotis.  Small Buck II Od Úhoště is a very friendly male pup, with a great "Reolup" style coat, and has a nice head and very short triangle shaped ears.  I think he will make a good addition to the gene pool for breeding in future years.


Buck II Od Úhoště  ( Dero Sotis x Moki Od Úhoště)


Good news from Italy: Zenith Od Úhoště won the intermediate class in the Ferrara international show and has obtained his CAC.  The judge told the owner he did not win the whole show only because he was only just a teenager!  We are very pleased with their results, nonetheless!


Zenith Od Úhoště

24.4.2011 I have photos from Mike. On these photos is Mike personally


Mike and Daaro II Od Úhoště - 5,5months


11.4.2011 Here are a few photos taken during the training of puppy Daaro II Od Úhoště, who lives in Thailand.  His owner, Mike, has a kennel of belgian malinois sheepdogs that he works with.  Mike is often in contact with me and sends me photos and news updates of our Daaro. 


Daaro II Od Úhoště 5,5 months


10.4.2011  This weekend was a success for Zenith Od Úhoště in Italy.  On Saturday he won his first show titles of: CAC, CACIB, and BOB.  He was the best wolfdog of the international show as well.  On Sunday he was the winner of his second show.  Again, he was best in class, best male, and best in breed.  CAC CACIB, BOB.  I am very pleased and give my sincere thanks to his owner Massimiliano.


Mario, from Mexico, sent me photos of the female puppy, Daarka II Od Úhoště.  Daarka visits the puppy school and has been learning quickly.


Daarka II Od Úhoště                  Zenith Od Úhoště

The second photo is from Italy.  Zenith passed youth bonitation with great codes.


Two of these photos are from a trip on the Thailand River, that Mike sent me.  The actor Jean Claude Van Damme met the wolfdogs, and happens to be a fan himself, which is interesting.


These two other photos are from around the world.  Vilja Lara Od Úhoště, who lives in Germany, and has won some international shows in the female class.  She has won best female, CAC, CACIB.  In the photos she is in the middle between Aargo and Anuscka.

Uni Od Úhoště, who lives in Poland, won the international show in Katowice class of champions.  She was both the best female of show and the best in breed, CAC, CACIB, BOB.

Aargo II, Vilja Lara and Anuschka II Od Úhoště                Uni Od Úhoště


4.3.2011 News!!  Our puppy Y-Hati Od Úhoště passed X-ray for hip and elbow dysplasy. Both with excelent result: HD A and ED A. I am happy.


24.2.2011  In the gallery are new photos of pups litter  A II, B II, C II   and  D II

 29.1.2011   Today our Assisi z Dehnic celebrated her 14 Birthday. Her ears and eyes don´t work well already,  her legs are not quick already, but Assisi always loves life.  She gived me much of pups, but she is always in very good condition. I am happy about it. Assisi, I wish you much of happy and healths days....

Thank you Assisi


Assisi z Dehnic, 14. Birthday

12.1.2011 I have got a few new photos of Vanilla Od Úhoště. He is very nice dog .





I offer to all owners of my pups and adult dogs Od Úhoště testing of Degenerative myelopathy GRATIS. If you will want it, contact me.


I have a little free time, so I give here some new photos. All pups are vaccinated, chiped and from weekend will tavel a few pups to new homes already. So now we spend much of time by socialisation of pups. 3 litters was bor in the same moment (the same day, the same aftrnoon)
so I can compare differents nbetween litters. Most "quick"  litter is from our Moki and Dero. these pups had as first opened eyes, as first they beginned to eat from cup, as first they beginned contact us and play with people. And- I never had so big pups as are in tzhis litter. My Dero has now pups in german kennel too and breeder told me his pups are very big too. Interest. It looks Dero´s childrens are gianst.


Pups from Wolfy                 Pups from Dero 



In weekend visited us my friends- owners of female Xí Od Úhoště. Here was my friend Kerstin too- to look at pups, so we organised smal family meeting: Queen+ Jawzahr + two their children- Xí and Xtraa Od Úhoště.


From left: Xí Od Úhoště, Xtraa Od Úhoště, Jawzahr and Queen      Xtraa Od Úhoště


First meeting of Xtraa (Juryho)  and Xí (Rakši)


This weekend visited us friends from Germany- owners of Vilja Lara Od Úhoště. We taked for a walk two sisters- Vilja Lara, Valska and half brother Quenno.


Vilja Lara and Valska Od Úhoště                             Quenno, Valska and Vilja Lara Od Úhoště 

18.11.2010 Today I open new discuss forum only for owners of pups from my kennel. "Our" owners can write me and ask me about login for enter do discussion.

We have pups. Unique, Wolfy and Moki decided to have pups in the same day. Pups of Wickey was born three days later. Now I spend my time by cleaning of "pups places", walking with moms, sitting by pups and sending of pictures to new owners of my pups.


Moki and pups from Dero Sotis             Unique and pups from Drink Džin z Vlčí chaloupky 


Wolfy and pups from Ostin Eden Severu              Wickey and pups from Alien Srdcerváč

Our World Winner Wickey was mated too.

                Alien Srdcerváč                                                 Wickey Crying Wolf


27.8.2010. Here are some photos of another mated couple. Our very own Unique Od Úhoště and Drink Džin Z Vlčí Chaloupky. Drink has a marvelous "friendly" character. During the mating, he stayed with us and goes around with us off-leash, as if he is our own dog. As a seven years old wolfdog, he sported a beautiful light yellow eyes.

Drink Džin z Vlčí chaloupky and Unique Od Úhoště

Drink has in seven years beautiful yelow eyes

Our Moki Od Úhoště spent nice moment with a male that comes from a very unique bloodline, Dero Sotis, son of the famous Kondor Z Krotkovského Dvora.


Dero Sotis and Moki Od Úhoště

Another very good couple that I mated are Wolfy Crying Wolf and Ostin Eden Severu. Here are some old and new photos of them together.



Our Wolfy and Ostin Eden severu

16.7.2010  My friend ALI REOLUP crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 14 years, 8 months and 11 days. Ali was a "big friend" and "nanny" to my kids. He's always a perfect dad to his pups. He blessed the world with 60 offsprings and now has sired over 1460 grand offsprings. Ali is my type of wolfdog, with a perfect coat that can protect the body against cold, with my preferred colors, orange, grey and white, a dog with a yellow eyes and most importantly a wolfdog with a strong and stable character. Ali will always be with us thru her daughters and grand daughters which are my breeding stocks and HE WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS TO BE CHERISHED AND REMEMBERED.......FOREVER!!!



In last days Ali prefered to rest with our rabbit


last fotos of our Ali in age 14 years and 8 months.



10.5.2010   We attended a Czech Club dog show. The Judge was a Slovakian expert Oskár Dóra. I took and showed my Unique Od Úhoště  and Wickey.  Unique was excellent and Wickey was at 4th place. I am really satisfied with Wickey, the fact that she just whelped 4 months ago and still not in perfect condition, she still won the 4th place. Also the best young wolfdog was awarded  to our Xtraa Od Úhoště. It was his second show and he enjoyed it.



Unique Od Úhoště


Wickey                                                            Best young dog- Xtraa Od Úhoště

In the Veteran class, the winner was the son of my Ali Reolup, Jerry Lee. Jerry is already 10.5 years old but still in good condition. He got all his good qualities from his father Ali. Ali Reolup is now 14.5 years old.



Jerry Lee (10,5years)   and his father Ali Reolup (14,5years)


Ali Reolup and small Ajša Ičkeria

This last  foto are the two World Winners. We were'nt able to take fotos of them together due to lack of time. World Winners 2009 are Amore Mio Srdcerváč and my Wickey..



 4.5.2010  Dero Sotis passed bonitation

I am happy because I now have a second male for breeding. My Dero Sotis passed bonitation. Dero comes from the "old Slovak blood". He is the son of  Kondor z Krotkovského dvora. His bloodline is very important in breeding and for keeping a large gene pool for our beloved breed. Dero enjoyed bonitation. The test of character was very easy for him, he met the figurant with confidence. Dero is very friendly to other dogs. He loves to work, he loves training, he enjoyed retrieving (aport) and barking.sometimes he barks too much.



Dero Sotis      bonitation code A67,5OhP1

Our Unique Od Úhoště passed bonitation too. She has very nice character for living in pack, she never fights with other females. During test of character she absolutly ignored figurant and she has the same character as her mother Queen - Oi. I am satisfied. This non conflict character is good for living in dogpack.

So Uni, welcome in "World of adults"


Unique Od Úhoště bonitation code A60,5OiP3

15.4.2010  A few new fotos from dog training place


        Unique Od Úhoště                                                     Valska Od Úhoště


          Dero Sotis                                                                 Flying Jack Russel terier  Eimy




27.3.2010  Second wolfdog meeting in Zoopark Chomutov. It was very nice meeting with our wolfdog friends. Both my children was there with me, so we could take more dogs on the trip 



Quenno and Wolfy watch animals          Quenno,Unique,Wickey, Wolfy,Valska and small tired Zorro.

20.3.2010 Two fotos from evening walk

       Valska,small Zorro,Unique (by me) Wolfy, Quenno, Moki and Wickey


More videos with mushing you can see in section "video"

12.2.2010  The pups "Z" od Úhoště are 7 weeks old today. They are crazy, playfull and they are really everywhere in house. Unfortunatelly "new owner" of Zorro changed meaning, so in this moment is Zorro free for sale and he finds some good owner.
Zenith, Zorro, Zahara                                               Zahara
Zenith                                                                 Zorro finds new owner

10.2.2010 I traveled to Prag with Valska and Wolfy. Wolfy absolved last control X-ray, because I want know if she is really health already. Now it is one year from attack of her illnes. Her X-ray was absolutelly good and I am very happy, she is health.
Volga  visited our club doctor for HD and ED results.  I am really happy, because both results are "A"  (0/0) . Our club doctor told, the hips are better than they must be.
Valska od Úhoště sleeps during X-ray researching         Xí, Wolfy and Valska

And when we was in Prag, we visited 6,5 months old female Xí od Úhoště. She is really beautifull, with very open and friendly character, perfect head, moving and with my favorite type of coat. I am very satisfied with her. Xí was verry happy she had visitors and she showed to my females all her garden.
Wolfy, Valska and Xí od Úhoště                             Xí and Valska od Úhoště

8.1.2010   We have a very nice weekend. Last Saturday, Feb 6, we did mushing (sledge pulling) again running  a very long distance. Sunday, Feb. 7 was supposed to be a rest day for us but a good friend Kerstin visited us with Jawzahr and a six  month old puppy, Xtraa od Úhoště. I took two  of my females (Valska and Unique) and we went to ZOOpark Chomutov  to see real wolves. It was an interesting trip not only for us but for the wolfdogs too, lots of different smell/odors and noises from different animals........and the real wolves!!!

There were two  male wolves (brothers) playing and trying to get attention from my females. We're surprised that my young females  did'nt mind them at all. I thought they would join them in "singing" too but instead they remain calm, quiet but not shy . 


Valska od Úhoště watches monkeys                     How we can go inside?


Come to play!!!                                     Xtraa, Valska and Unique listen wolf singing


                              Come run!!

1.2.10 This are the new fotos taken last weekend. we can't go to the mountains because of the thick snow so we just spent time only a few kilometers from our city. I was surprised how good our young Valska is as  a sledge dog. It was her first time to do mushing. I think she can be a good "lead dog" of my sledge dog team. "Unique" another promising young female did her share too but not as strong and quick as Valska. For both of this young females, mushing is a sport where they can put much of their energy and have fun too. This winter is really wonderful. I made some videos of this and I will try to upload it here soon. Fresh fotos are in the Gallery.


                                                      Unique od Úhoště


 from left side: Unique, Valska,Moki, Quenno, Kony         by sledge: Unique and Valska od Úhoště

23.1.2010 Here are some fotos from weekend. On mountains was bad weather, but i hope the dogs had funny day 


                                                                Quenno od Úhoště and his mum Moki od Úhoště


Unique od Úhoště   and   Valska od Úhoště

16.1.2010     Today are pups 21 days old. First day they tasted meat from cup and they start to comunicate with us .


9.1.2010  The puppies from Wickey and Czambor now can see the world "around them" they've just open their eyes. As of  this time, they are sporting a verly light silver-grey color, the same as the puppy Sovrana Od Uhoste. The last male pup was acquired by an owner who likes light colored wolfdogs.


Litter "Z" od Úhoště                       Male "Z" od Úhoště


Female "Z" od Úhoště                               Sovrana od Úhoště

27.12.2009  My Quenno is back home from a happy trip to Genny Dakmat. They both had a very nice time together. Queeno stayed with them and spent time naturally just like in the wild (mother nature). I am really happy that my Quenno is not encountering problems staying alongside females. Now, we can transport Quenno to all interested owners  of female wolfdogs for mating..


Quenno watches Genny


Quenno and his  "new"  owner Dana         and                 Genny

We are one day old already


25.12.2009 Today was born first pups of our World winner 2009 Wickey and Czambor z Vlčího dubu. we have 2 boys and 1 girl.


24.12.2009 We wish to everybody Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2010

On fotos pups from Moki and Ostin


                                Females Y od Úhoště                   Males Y od Úhoště

  22.12.2009 It is last foto wher are all Y pups together. Tomorow first girl travel to new home. We have last free puppy-male for sale.

 16.11.2009   We have pups from Moki od Úhoště and Ostin Eden severu, 3 females and 2 males.


4.11.2009 Yesterday our Unique od Úhoště absolved X-rays for HD and ED with excelent results: HD A (0/0) and ED A (0/0). I am verry happy. It is next health wolfdog in my kennel. 



27.10.2009 . Today is the 14th birthday of the  foundation male of my kennel, Ali. He is already old, the legs, ears and eyes are no longer that good. The body is failing but the Mind (brain) is still very sharp.  He can and still  run alongside my females. The celebration today is small, it is just for the  whole family and we hope that he is happy and satisfied. Today is also the first birthday of the youngest female in my kennel,  Valska Od Úhoště.



Valskaa od Úhoště (1 year) and Ali Reolup (14 years)

Wickey  was mated to Czambor Z Vlčího Dubu. I really like this dog eversince he was a puppy. I've waited for his bonitation and HD results so I can breed a female of mine to him. He didn't get much of the features of his grandfather Arin na Blatech but has a very good coat quality that can protect him against bad weather. His back part is better than his father, he is independent with a very good character and has an HD result of "A". Hopefully the pups will grow healthy, beautiful and with a very good character too.





I have some new fotos of Vita, which lives in Sweeden. She is 1 year now and her owner started to teach her to search the narcotics. Vita is clever and she learns very quickly. I am happy when my pups have active owners and when my pups works.


World dog show 2009


8.-11. 10. 2009   the World´s dogs exhibition was in Slovakia - the real chalenge for me. Not only for the both judges, who was here to judge, and I believe, that they are the best of all, who are judging this breed. They both, as so as Oskár Dóra, as Soňa Bognárová were present at this breed boring, and they are still active at the slovak club. It was really important for me, to have an objective judgement of my dog, in compare with the whole-world wolfdog concurention. At this exhibition took part 180 dogs - the record number. The females were judged by Oskár Dóra. The really nice dogs were here (but not to talk about some their behaving there :@( ). Wickey took part in a working class. We won this class and Wickey got title CAC. Then we took part in a competition with all another females - the winners of other classes, and we won the title of Best female of the World´s exhibition - we won CAC, CACIB, The World champion 2009. What to wish more?


Wickey, winner of working class, CAC


Wickey, Best female, CACIB, World winner 2009

In the competition of the winner of the breed we wasn´t successful, the judgess more prefered the male. Honestly, this title is mostly won by a males, maybe for they are "Males" too.


In the evening we started The Big national prix, which is mostly held in front of the main tribune. Before this, we all had a little rest, and then we all, in the big heat run to the ring. I guess, that there was all that 180 dogs, and gradually they filled the whole showing place. Still another and another dogs entered the hall, so they had to do another ring in the end. Mrs. judgess Ridarčíková had to find 6 dogs to the closer selection - the heroic task in this number. The more I was surprised, that she invited us, and Vilja Lara od Úhoště too.


To this closer ring was invited Mr. Rosík too, the creator of whole this our nice breed. He is already old man, and when he saw such a number of dogs at this exhibition, he was so moved, that he can´t talk any more. All the owners of dogs stand up and applauded him. This was maybe the nicest moment of this exhibition.


Another, the Slovak Club exhibition was on Saturday. We took part here too. Wickey again won the working class and got a title CAC. The judge was Tibor Havelka.


Finally, at the "Zochova cottage", where we had an accomodation, we had a time to make some snaps of Wickey, and Czambor, the Wickey´s next huseband. She saw him only several times, but she likes him, and always invited him warmly; so I mean, that mateing will be ok, and Wickey will be satisfied.


Czambor z Vlčího dubu and our Wickey



simply good friends....................


3.10.2009  Clubshow in Jevišovice (Czech republic)

I taked Unique, Valska and Quenno od Úhoště and Wickey. I am satisfied with results. Quenno -very good, Unique - excelent 2. , Valskaa and Wickey excelent. Marcela helped me with showing of Valska. 


Unique and Valska od Úhoště


Best breeding group- kennel " od  Úhoště"

Valska, Unique and Uni od Úhoště

10.9.2009 Today was our Moki od Úhoště mated by Ostin Eden Severu. If everything will be OK, the pups will be for sale about 30.12.2009. Both parents have HD "A".



8.9.2009  News from Holland. Tychó Leon od Úhoště passed bonitation with very good bonitation code As Od R1 P3/69


And I have some new fotos of his two brothers:


Terry od Úhoště lives in Belgium and his owner does canicross with him


Tweety od Úhoště lives in Germany and I think he will be nice breeding male.

31.8.2009     great new from Belgie. Snow-wolf passed bonitation with czech judge and czech test of character. His bonitation code is A65E1OfP1 (only one male with P1). He was absolutly selfconfident during test  of character.  Snow-wolf has the same working character like her mother  Ko-ko, he likes aport, he is very temperament during obedience and he is perfect  in protect training. I am very happy and I am proud.  Big congratulation and thanks to his owner Stephan. In Belgie will be very good new stud dog.



        Snow - wolf attacks figurant during test of character

     Second day was belgian clubshow with czech judge. Snow-wolf winned intermediate class and he  passed title CAC .

5.8.2009 I got some new fotos of pups from "V" litter od Úhoště. Mother of them is Moki od Úhoště and father is Blue de la Louve blanche. Now are pups 10 months old.


Volf od Úhoště lives in Argentina. The fotos are from his first dogshow. He got winner of his class, he has title Best of breed and he was 5. best dog of show. The owner Martin is happy and I hope, this male can be good start of breeding of wolfdogs in Argentina.


    Vilja-Lara lives in Germany                     Vlčák lives in Canada and his owner Tomas is very

    and she is very good female for training.           satisfisfied with his friendly character


    Vinja lives in Germany too and she is very nice young lady               like Vita in Sweden


Here is Valska, which lives with me              and Vanilla, which lives in Romania

20.7.2009 was another hot day, so i took my pack on a little walk to water.


Valska in the water                                               Valska waits for Hanka 


After long time I took Wolfy with another pack. She was this year for the first time in the water too.


        Wickey, Unique, Valska, Wolfy, Quenno,Moki     Wickey,Valska,Unique,Wolfy,Quenno


Unique travelled back from Canada, I took her back. She is enjoying our attention now. She wants to be with somebody all the time.


27.6.2009 International dogshow Intercanis Brno

I took Wickey on show; she is totally withou hur, but she won 2. place. Jawzahr, the future father of our next litter won the Best of breed and won the 3. place of Grand prix Bohemia.



Wickey in showring                              Wickey shows tooth             Jawzahr- Grand Prix Bohemia


Jawzahr 3. place Grand Prix Bohemia 2009       and Uni . She was excelent in her class.

Queen visited doctor for ultrasonic researching. She is pregnant, Jawzahr will be first time father.

22.6.2009  And some fotos from today bike trip. We spend every sunny day in the nature, dogs can run by bycikle or to swimm in the pond.


Hanička and dogs


Wickey learns swimm. When she swimm to somebody, she wants "to save". But Wickey liked wather very much. Everybody can see her happy face a lá Nessie.


                Quenno, Kony, Moki, Wickey, Valska           Quenno od Úhoště and Wickey

5.6.2009  Two fotos from today walking


Valska, Wolfy, Ali, Moki                                           Wickey, Valska, Kony, Quenno

Valska od Úhoště is in her "old home", in my kennel. She is daughter of Moki od Úhoště.


Valska od Úhoště 7 months


        Moki od Úhoště and her daughter Valska od Úhoště                         Valska

9.5.2009    I had something to do in ZOOpark Chomutov. Wolfy is always ill and she can´t run with other dogs, so I took her for this trip, to see animals, wolves. She was very courious to all animals, but some (sheep, goats) were too much smelt for her. She liked wolves, it was big meeting with them. Unfortunatelly only over glass or fence. Because it was warm day, she jumped to the stream in zoopark. This zoo is very friendly to dogs.



Wolfy and wolf



2. and 3.5.2009   German clubshow in Neustadt

On this show I took Wickey, Wolfy and Tweety. Quenno traveled with us too, but only just a trip, because I know, this judge does not like big wolfdogs. And Quenno is 73 cm high. The show (and bonitation too) was in beautiful nature, in summercamp. My son Rostik was with me. He sleeped in sleeping bag with Wolfy, because she is not health and she must be on warm place only.





               Rostík sleeping                                                                   Wickey, Tweety, Wolfy


I was very courious to see new bonitated german dogs, because, maybe there will be some good male for my females. Unfortunatelly, males on bonitation, I already knew their test of character was so horrible, I will never take them for my females..... Some males I had seen a few times on fotos. But at real I had seen some defects on dogs.

Some pups from my kennel was on youth presentation too. Vilja Lara od Úhoště and Umba and Ulina od Úhoště





              Ulina od Úhoště                                                               Umba od Úhoště shows teeth


Quenno od Úhoště watches show

In the evening we had a walk to the nature, because it was very nice place.


next day was "showing day". The judge - tibor Havelka from Slovakia. From my kennels was there:

Vilja-Lara od Úhoště, Umba a Ulina od Úhoště, Uni od Úhoště, Tweety od Úhoště.


Ulina (and Gerhard) and Uni (and Agnieszka) od Úhoště

I did not want let Wolfy at home only because she is ill, so I took her on show too. She is absolutly out of condition. But she ended on great 3. place. I was happy and I think, it was pleasure for Wolfy too.



               So: what we can write to the result?                                 Wolfy- the head

The judge liked Wickey and she was winner of open class as last year too


              Wickey, we wait for showing                                 Wickey - head

and later she was the best female of clubshow too. Like last year.

                 Jawzahr-BOB, best male, Wickey, best female

and with her best friend Jawzahr she fought for winner of show-BOB. But judge more liked Jawzahr´s moving, so he was BOB.

Jawzahr is father of my planned litter. Mother will be Queen od Úhoště


25.4.2009   New:  Quenno od Úhoště passed bonitation

The judge liked his very light movement. I was a little worry about test of character, but Quenno surprised me.


Quenno shows teeth


Quenno attacks figurant with me behind his back                     and alone too


Quenno od Úhoště

bonitation code:         A72 Od P3 Xv54,2 Xf109,7 DKK A(0/0)

More about conditions for mateing you can read in section "Males - for owners of females"


25.4.2009 Young wolf female Bessinka visited our bonitation too. Now she is 11 months old and she is always very friendly


Besinka and me                                           and with my daughter Hanička


24.4.2009 I have got some new fotos of Vita od Úhoště. She lives in Sweden and now she is 6 months old. Very nice puppy


19.4.2009 I was in Slovakia with Wickey and my family took care about other members of our pack. Fotos are from cyklotrip of Moki and Kony in the pond.


Kony and Moki

18.4.2009 Wickey passed Endurance exam (40km). The weather was very nice, not rain like yesterday. The way leaded around Dunaj, so Wickey could go to river for short freshing. We was on trace 3hours and 15 minutes. So we passed exam with mark "excelent". 


We are waiting for start                                          After start


Last metres on the trace                                         We are resting after exam


Short walk around Dunaj


4.4.2009  Wolfy feells better, so I can take her for a short walks on the leash. 


22.3.2009 International Dogshow Katowice - Poland

Small Uni od Úhoště- 3. place in kategory "Best puppy of show"


21.3.2009  First spring day



Quenno and Wickey

more fotos in gallery - "Scooter"

21.3.2009   With wolfdogs to wolves

Wolfdog meeting in ZOOpark Chomutov   March 2009

This meeting was at the Podkrušnohorský Zoopark Chomutov this time, where are friendly for such a dogs meetings. I can guess, that this day there was more of dogs than people here, because the same idea had a group of hovavart breeeders. The number of our wolfdogs was big, the most of dogs were puppies, so it was like a nursery school. As a sample of our kennel I brougt with me Queeno od Úhoště and Wickey. I wanted to do some snaps too, so I had full hands of it all. Quenno was very galant to all. He surprised me, because I awaited that as a growed CZW he will be very dominant, but I can see, that he is too carefull to be pulled in some conflict.  

They cared about another wolfs too little; there was no fun with them, so they left them behind.


Wickey meets wolves


Wickey, Quenno and Hanička

more fotos in gallery - " other dog actions"

14.3.2009 Today was very nice spring weather. We plane to go 18.4. to Slovakia, to endurance exam, so we must begin with some training. Today I take Wickey, Quenno and Moki. Our Wolfy is ill, so she must a little wait with all activities.


Bike                                                                                               Scooter


Break for playing



                                              Wickey                                           Quenno od Úhoště



13.3.2009  Some new fotos in gallery - Quenno od Úhoště


24.1.2009   Today was very nice weather - sun and not wind on the mountains. So I could do some fotos from mushing. For Dero it was new, but he was very good and he enjoyed it.

rear of sledge: Dero a Quenno

leaders: Kony a Moki



Quenno od Úhoště and Dero Sotis                         break


15.12.2008   we passed HD searching for HD result with Dero Sotis and Tweety od Úhoště. I am very happy, because both young males are HD "A" (0/0)


Sleeping Dero


        Tweety waits for doctor


Tweety sleeping

23.11.2008  The pups are 27 days old today. They eat meat very much and they grow up. Today was at home more asistants, so I can made theese fotos.


The pups V od Úhoště and puppy W od Úhoště (on right side)

The males V od Úhoště

The females V od Úhoště

18.11.2008  Because Wolfy must always be the same like her sister Wickey, second day we traveled with Wolfy to her "husband" Ostin Eden severu.

Wright koeficient for this litter is 4,83

She can be with him a few days in his garden. I hope two months later we will have some beautiful pups. The owner of Ostin made these nice fotos:


Wolfy and Ostin


Ostin Eden severu


17.11.2008 traveled Wickey to Austria (Wien) to her "husband" Erik Nanook Zlata Palz. She stays in his house a few days. Owner of Erik made these nice fotos. The result of this "trip" we wil see two months later.

Wright koeficient for this litter is 4.19


Wickey head                                             Erik Nanook and Wickey


Wickey 23 months



Foto of moment: leasure time of Moki´s puppy


11.11.2008   The pups are 15 days old. They have already opened eyes and today they first time test fresh meat.


The pups of Moki


The pups of Moki - males                                    The pups of Moki - females


Puppy female from Kony

6.11.2008 The pups are 10 days old, they start to open eyes


Pups from Moki 10 days



puppy female from Kony 10 days old


2.11.2008 was Slovakian clubshow in Nitra. Tweety od Úhoště was very good, Wickey and Wolfy was winers of classes and both have CAC titles. Unfortunatelly we have not titul "Slovakian club winner", because we are not members of slovakian club.


Tweety od Úhoště, very good                   Wickey Crying wolf, winner of midle class, CAC



Wolfy winner of open class, CAC(look at me, I stay perfect)    And what is in the pocket?


1.11.2008 Was International show in Slovakia - Nitra. This show was succesful for us, Tweety was winer of young class, CAC, Wickey was winner of open class, CAC and Wolfy had excelent 2. I was so happy.


Tweety od Úhoště, winner of young class, CAC           Wolfy Crying wolf, excelent 2



Wickey Crying wolf, winner of open class, CAC           Wickey shows teeth 




Konynka and pups "W" od Úhoště




Big news!!!






Our Queen Od Úhoště is in heat, also.  Currently she is enjoying her time with Ostin Eden Severu.  I have used Ostin in previous years for some of my other females, so I know what to expect.  Ostin has been producing pups with very nice heads.


Ostin Eden Severu

!!! Also, frozen sperm of both my males (Dero Sotis and Quenno Od Úhoště)  is available.  I must know at least a week in advance for 48 hour shipping worldwide, in order to arrange all the necessary documents and certificates.  Please write me for additional information, if you are interested.  Note:  I only provide sperm for artificial insemination to pure breed Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs with an FCI (AKC) pedigree. !!!



24.10.2011 We have pups!!!!!!