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Black sea Wolfdog Giny

Black sea Wolfdog Giny

COI: 1,46%

AVK: 93,54%

sangre de lobo: 28,25%

el lobo más cercano: 8. generación

nac. 11.11.2018

padre: Saqui des Gitans Noirs                               madre: Ara z Bělského háječku

HD: A (0/0)                        ED: 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/N                            Dw: N/N

código de bonificación:          (CZ)

galería de fotos: aquí

documentos: aquí

Giny is a female born in Bulgaria. Her father Saqui des Gitans Noirs is a very tall dog with longer hair and saturated colors, son of my Quenno II od Úhoště. So Giny is such a matter of the heart, and I just couldn't resist getting Quenno's granddaughter. I also know Saqui's mother (Hotsioux) personally, she is a very tall female with a friendly nature. Giny's mother Ara z Bělského háječku is a female with a purely Czech / Slovak pedigree and my favorites "Reolups". "Reolups" can be found in both halves of the pedigree. Therefore, a quality coat and a large body format is "taken care of". Giny is a very friendly female with a soft, manageable nature, she is a non-conflicting type, suitable for life in a pack. It is tall, with longer hair, which stands out especially in winter.



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