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Camada Cindy III od Úhoště


Camada Cindy III od Úhoště


COI: 0,47%

AVK: 96,77%

COR: 0,83%


Desde luego, los cachorros de esta camada no tendrán el manto largo ni rizados!

This litter will be one of unique and very valuable. In the whole pedigree of puppies up to the beginning of the breed we can find only Czech and Slovak dogs. Which means that everyone has been selected for nature since the beginning of breeding. Either still in the army or under the patronage of the breeders' club. All ancestors passed the bonitation, where the judge was an expert on the breed. And all bonitations took place from the beginning in one of the countries of origin.

In the pedigree of this litter we find only twice Brit Hlas divočiny and Fea Jimili. So both dogs from Czech lines. Otherwise, the paternal and maternal parties in the last five generations of PP are almost unrelated. So what appears in puppies in terms of exterior, health and temperament will be one big surprise and I'm already looking forward to the puppies. If a nice dog appears in the litter and he returns to the breeding, he will be a very valuable and sought-after stallion.

Mis cachorros nunca los acuesto bajo la luz infraroja, los saco cuando tienen tres semanas de edad. Vendo cachorros con gran inmunidad, grandes y duros, pero también bien socializados, ya que están en contacto con diferentes personas.


Madre: Cindy III od Úhoště  (CZ)

Código de bonificación: A60 H21 K9 Oi Qr Xv53,3 Xf115  (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)        ED: 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/DM         Dw: N/N

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Padre: Grimm Vlčí tlapka  (CZ)

Código de bonificación: Av Oh/70 Xv54,3 Xf104,3  (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)   ED: 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/N        Dw: N/A

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