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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Litter from Gabi of Marvelwood


Litter from  Gabi of Marvelwood

pups for sale in May 2020


I chose a tall Dutch dog with a remarkable pedigree. Wojtek des Gitans Noirs has an interesting brownish color. Together with colorful Gabi of Marvelwood I expect the pups to be brown to red colored and dark pigmented. Fingers crossed for some longer coats, too. There is again a slightly higher degree of inbreeding, caused by Carr Malý Bysterec and my Ali Reolup, which guarantees a great exterior and a tall build.

My pups never lie under IR light and I move them out when they're three weeks old. I sell pups with great immunity, big and tough, but also well socialized, since they're in contact with different people.

COI: 0,92%

AVK: 90,3%

COR: 1,81%

Mother: Gabi of Marvelwood

Bonitation code:  A63 Oi Qp Xv54 Xf107,9  (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)       ED: 0-0

DM: DM/N        Dw: N/N

Photogallery of Gabi: here





Father: Wojtek des Gitans Noirs  (NL)

HD: A       ED: 0-0   (NL)

DM: N/N     Dw: N/A



Pedigree of pups: