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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

How to get a pupy from us


How to get a puppy from us

1)  Choose your preferred litter (see the parents’ photos, their health checks and their pedigrees). I’ll be happy to help you choose the right litter if you let me know whether you’re thinking of doing sports with your dog (such as scooter riding, canicross or mushing), or maybe training him/her to be a rescue dog or a mantrailer. Of course we can choose a lovely puppy to be your perfect show dog or a beloved family friend.

2) If you’re happy with your choice of the parents, let me know. I will then require an advance payment. The earlier the advance is paid, the higher your place on the waiting list for a puppy (unfortunately I can't predict or guarantee the number of puppies born). The ideal time for the whole reservation is before the mating.

3) Wait for the litter to be born.

4) From that day on I will keep you informed about the puppies’ growth and will regularly send you new photos so that you have enough time to decide which one you like the most. Feel free to discuss your choice with me and to ask questions about their behavior. I’d like to know your final decision when the puppies are 6 weeks old.

5) If I’m shipping your puppy I’ll be expecting the rest of your payment when the litter is 7 weeks old. The puppy can travel via air — in that case, your payment will need to cover all related expenses. Another option would be road transport. You can either pay for the transport in advance, or directly to the carrier on delivery. You will get the purchase contract along with the export pedigree via post.

6) I always arrange air transport with a reputable company and the transport is always compliant with the

IATA AVI international regulations.

The safety and welfare of your puppy will always be the priority. I always try to arrange for a shortest trip possible. The puppy is kept clean and as calm as possible durring the whole duration of a trip. At any lay/stopover the puppy is taken care of at the airport animal (veterinary) station — usually it’s fed, watered, bathed if necessary, the travel box is cleaned and the rug inside changed.

We’ll agree upon the best date of transport before it's arranged.

If you’re going to pick up your puppy personally, bring the rest of your payment. Also we’ll sign the purchase contact on that day.

7) I'll send you the export pedigree after it's issued. This is usually three or four weeks after you get the puppy.

Live a long and happy life with your dog and don’t forget to stay in contact with me for the whole time.