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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

About us

We are an internationally registred FCI breeding kennel.

 "od Úhoště"

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Breeder is member of czech breed comission in country of origin !!

Our kennel is situated at the north-west part of Czech Republic, in the town called KADAN. We are breeding FCI pedigreed Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. Strictly and maintaining this breed in accordance to FCI standards. . Our dogs lives with us at a kennel in our garden but spent most of their time with us inside our house. This breed is not a " lap dog", they are working dogs. We spent time OUTDOORS with our CZ Wolfdogs, in the mountains, mushing, pulling scooters, hiking, swimming. We also go to school to educate students/kids about responsibilities pertaining to mother nature, wolfdogs and other animals, life with a dogs, security in contact with a strange dogs.On a trips in the near mountains the are not we, who carry the garbages and proviant.
The biketrips are our favourite way too, how to spend our free time.