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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Our idea

       Our idea

The founder of our breeding kennel is a dog named Ali Reolup. It´s a very dominant dog, which was claiming for all his live his power and supreme to another dog. His character and the exterier of wolfdog really got me. That´s why I´m aimed especially on this type in my  kennel. I prefer the dogs with a height minimally 70 cm, with a very  strong colors (orange, white, black - all at one dog ) , yellow eyes, and mainly - longer coat, which protect dog and which creates a big collar in the winter. Ali gived a strong health to his children; their X-ray and Hip canine displasy results are usually excellent. His daughters, which are in my  kennel the breeding females, have a beautifull wolf heads, and two ones got a longer fur from him. They all are very friendly to people.



Ali Reolup :)


Moki Od Úhoště , daughter of Ali Reolup


Wolfy Crying wolf, daughter Ali Reolup


Aaimee II Od Úhoště , Alis´granddaughter 


Kairo Od Úhoště 10 years, Alis´ son


Buck II Od Úhoště, Alis´ grandson
Eetee II Od Úhoště , Alis´grand granddaughetr
Ennie II Od Úhoště, Alis´grand granddaughter
Jenny II Od Úhoště , Alis´ granddaughter
Jolly Joker II Od Úhoště, Alis´grandson
Quenno Od Úhoště, Alis´ grandson
Terry Od Úhoště, Alis´ grandson
Timmy Od Úhoště, Alis´grandson
Tweety Od Úhoště, Alis´grandson
Vanilla Od Úhoště, Alis´grandson


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