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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

What is typical for cs. wolfdogs
What´s typical for czechoslovakian wolfdog

Every owner of this puppy will find sooner or later, that this dog is a little different from a "normal" dogs. Some of theese differencies are pleasant, some not. But all the features of this breed should be known from the breeder, where you want to get the puppy. The real breeder shall not sale his dog to everyone who is interested for it. He should make some test, who is that potentional owner and give him a warning about the potentional problems.
So, you have a puppy at home... The breeder surely dedicated to you not to let him in the kennel alone the whole day, to see you only during the feeding and the tidy the kennel. Probably you made him the special place in the house and gave the tasks to the another members of your home. The morning walkings after weaking up and several times a day, to teach your darling to keep him clear. But what??? Your puppy is out for more than 30 minutes, playing, running, making fun, but no passing urine? But after coming home he will "do it" in the living room with the tired face "time was up". Don´t worry. There is needed only a patience. Wolves are not worse than the other dogs with it, they only more listen the voice of the mother-nature. It´s only wrong for him to make an urine outside, at another pack´s area! All the wolves marking by this their own area and all his needs will make at this own teritorry. This is bad for a dog to make this at the strange territory and the another pack can see it as a attempt to get their area as own. The reason to fight. This is what thinks your darling, when you want him to make his water outside, where he feels the another dogs. But be patient. Make your walks so long, not to have the chance to "hold" it to your arrival home. And after doing it, there must to be a approbation and some good dainty. Every puppy is another, so some of the owners can teach it their puppy sooner, some of them later. No fears.
Your puppy absolved the second vaccination, and you are looking forward to the walkings outside in the streets with him. He is good outside, everyone is interesting for him, he is very curious... Be glad, not every cz. wolfdog does it so. But if you will pick him up from the breeder in about 6 weeks age and continue in socialization from the first day, he came to you, there will be no problems. Sometimes, when you will buy the older puppy, you can encounter with this: the puppy is scared in the streets, no contacts with another dogs, fears from the people. Don´t worry; just continue with your walkings. Your puppy got with a lot of another features a wolf´s carefullness too. After several repetition of your walks he will find, that there is no danger outside for him. The biggest mistake is to keep him in the garden and to wait he will come through it after time. The socialization is very important for this breed as a daily feed. The more about the socialization read at the another part of this web.
You have bought „a little furry ball“ and it changes in front of you into a leggy skinny thin and a little "flat" (seen from upside)  :@) animal. Don´t worry. Your darling is neither ill, not full of worms. But don´t compare him with the same old puppies of the german sheepdog. And, especially, don´t try to feed him to the same weight as you can see at the neighbour´s puppy. You would hurt him. He is a typical wolf´s child. A light, and to the cca 1 year age a little plain dog. Realise that your dog will get the adult dog height in a 6 months age, but the "mass" of this will come later.
Have you bought a cz.wolfdog as a watchdog? Than the breeder didn´t give you the proper information about this kind of dog. The cz.wolfdog is not a typical watchdog. He is a silent watcher of the people passing your garden. He will not bark at the man going 20 m far from your area. He will do it probably in the moment, when he will try to get to your garden. If you are living in the lonely house, he will bark little sooner. They will bark too when sun falls and the darkeness is coming.
Now, you have a puppy for a training. Everything was o.k. for a while.Your puppy run by small ball, he plays with aport.... But after time the puppy seemed more and more bored and slow. No wonder. A cz-wolfdog is not a typicall aport dog running untill the fall for a ball or something you throwed. It is not a dog breeded for a centuries for a game bringing. The wolf doesn´t need to aport in the nature :@) Maximally, a little wolves are playing with the bites of the food carrying it and hounding with the bone in the mouth. So, the training of aport will take the more time as is usual with another breed. Of course, there are some excepts; the wolfdogs aporting quickly and with the pleasure. But this is not too usual.
There is well known that cz. wolfdog doesn´t like to bark. The another wolfs feature. Wolves doesn´t make a longer barking. Maximally one bark... So, when you want to train the barking, start as soon as possible. Practically the same day, you brought him home. As as the aporting, this will take the longer time to you.
Do you train the tracking and you can see, that it runs very good alone? The puppy will quickly understand what goes on and after a several training hours makes it very good? No wonder. The wolf must use his nose every day. It is his "bread". The wolf without good smell is a dead wolf. The cz. wolfdogs are very good in tracking. Make it up.
Are you fond in sports? Than the buing of this kind of dog is a good business for you. The cz. wolfdog has a typical low wolf-trot, like if he would "slide" over the ground. It is very utilitar for the run at the uncredibly long distances. Contrary with the german shepdog with his "high action" of the legs.
Does it seem to you, that your dog very quickly understands what do you want from him at the training, but he is not too willing? No wonder. This bred is known for this. To repeat some practice many times, and without some approbation? No serve. Especially some activity, repeated on and on... This will "poison" your dog very reliably. The key is the variety and a lot of "time outs".
What´s on, when your dog doesn´t want to play with another dogs during your walks, even with the dogs, he played as a puppy? Even he growls at them? This is explained at another place of this web. The adult cz. wolfdogs are very dominant, especially males.
Your puppy somewhat doesn´t want to understand, that you are the master and very frequently growls at you and "trying it with you"? There is needed a big consequentiality. The aim of every puppy is to reach the highest position as possible in his pack. Practically all his youth age he spends by the fight games with another puppies, to test themselves and to make the imagine of his future position in the pack. Your puppy makes the same thing. All the time he tests you if you are strong enough to be his "chief". One times you will show your weakness and you will see, who gives the orders! And that your dobrman, shepdog, etc.... didn´t do it so often? Certainly, they hadn´t so near to their wolf ancestors.
Your dog is a little freeminded, he reacts very lazy for your calling. He will come in the end, but that hours, and so slowly.... Keep in your mind, that cz. wolfdog wasn´t breeded for a centuries for a work with people, for a quick reactions on commands. The german shepdog was breeded, really. But the wolf brought so many specialities to this breed, that you can cleary see it at the cz. wolfdogs. Everything is about your dog´s relation to you. About how strongly you can tie your dog to you. You can have the good and quick calling. But it is about the style of your training too. Nothing can be generalized here. If you have more those dogs, you can see that every dog needs another style. Some dogs are literally "hard" and it is difficult to make them work. Contrary some females are very submissive, „soft“ and you must have a soft hand.
You´ve read averything before you have bought this puppy. You know now that it is a little more temperament pedigree. But you can´t compare it with that, you can see now. Your puppy is running whole day, bites everybody and everything or simply destroys something in your house. He destroys the flowers in the garden, hurts the cats or another dogs? Yes, it´s simply a wolfdog. And when everybody is happy that a little tyrant sleeps, he is up in an halfhour, fit and full of the new power again? But, you wanted it at the start, didn´t you? The dog, able the army training, with a quick regeneration. You can wait, that your dog will be playfull for a long time; as a puppy. But he will be a long-aged too and his vitality will remain to him to his long age. That is another wolf´s „gift“. Try to compare your 10 year old wolfdog with another dogs of the same age at the training place, in the willage. Mostly you will see a dog grandfathers, very carefully moving. They have artritic limbs, sometimes fat ones. And wolfdog? Able of ordinary training, he can hold your bags at your tours, mostly he pulls the sledge very good, and the hip canine dysplasia, that a veterinar doctor found him when he was a puppy? Maybe you will never notice it.
You have a female, you want to keep for a breeding. But what´s up? He heating is  very strangely? Your neigbour´s sheepdog female had heating allready when she was 1 year old and that yours one nothing... Isn´t she ill? This is often listened. But, don´t forget that cz.wolfdog was breeded by a crossing of diestric (the dog females have heating 2x - 3x a year) and monoestric (the wolf females have 1x a year) animals. The wolf puppies row physically and psychically up more slowly than dogs. So your female will have heating probably later and mostly 1 times a year. There exist a females that have heating 2 times a year or regulary after cca 8 months. Some females react by heating at some changes in their pack, the change of position... In compare with the sheepdog female, which can be fertilized cca 10. day of heating, your cz.wolfdog female can let it even after a month of heating, or longer and it is nothing unusual.