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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Tiki II od Úhoště

Tiki II od Úhoště

COI: 3,8%

AVK: 88,7%

wolf blood: 28,74%

last wolf: 8. generation

Tiki is a very valuable female for my breeding. Her origin is pure Czech / Slovak. No foreign dogs are present in her pedigree. This means that since 1955, all her ancestors have passed a test of character and selection for the exterior in both countries of origin. Only judge-specialists from the countries of origin decided about their inclusion into the breeding. We cannot find any currently frequent dogs in her pedigree. We may find my Ali Reolup in Tiki’s pedigree in the maternal and paternal lines. My entire breeding is based on linebreeding of this dog, which proved a top-quality sire.

Tiki has no exterior defects. Her puppies are generally very friendly and eligible for training.


Tiki is not a substantially dominant female in the pack. She never starts a conflict, but she can still get respect of the pack. She may be handled easily.

Bonitation code:  As K1 Og P3/62  Xv53,2  Xf109,7  (CZ)

Breeding class: I

HD: A (0/0)        ED: 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/N            Dw: N/N

Photogallery of Tiki: here

Documets: here