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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Xuki II od Úhoště


Xuki II od Úhoště

COI: 4,3%

AVK: 85,48%

wolf blood: 27,32%

last wolf: 8. generation

Xuki is a very valuable female for my breeding. Her pedigree is purely Czech / Slovak. Unfortunately, even in countries of origin, such a pedigree is rather a rarity and most dogs have pedigrees devalued by foreign ancestors. If there are only dogs from the countries of origin in the pedigree, then it means that since 1955 all individuals have passed the test for character and exterior selection in one of the countries of origin. Plus, I'm proud of my females if they have such a pedigree.

In the Xuki pedigree, I appreciate Buck II od Úhoště, who gave her a very high-quality, longer coat with saturated pigment and a wide, wedge-shaped head with small, triangular ears. On both sides of the Xuki pedigree is my Ali Reolup, who is very strong in the exterior of all litters in my kennel. Many of my litters have Ali very targeted on both sides of the pedigree. Xuki's mother is Brie Lostris. She is a female with a very good working nature, close to the nature of a German Shepherd.

At Xuki, I especially appreciate (apart from the pedigree, of course) its exterior. Wide, wedge-shaped head with small ears. He has a massive collar around her neck, which is visible even in summer. Her colors are very strong, her coat is longer. She often passes her short triangular ears to the puppies.


Xuki has a very calm, non-conflicting nature. It can come into contact with stranger females without causing conflict. She is very easy to handle and malleable. In a pack, it is an individual located on the lower rungs. He resolves conflict situations by leaving. He often passes on this very pleasant nature to his puppies.

Bonitation code:  A63 Of Qr Xv53,2 Xf108,1  (CZ)

HD: A (0/0)   ED: 0-0    (CZ)

DM: N/N       Dw: N/A

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