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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Jara III od Úhoště

Jara III od Uhoště

COI: 1,55%

AVK: 91,93%

wolf blood: 27,5%

nearest wolf: 9. generation


nar. 19.12. 2018

Father: Green Tawy                Mother: Xuki II od Úhoště

HD:  A (0/0)                          ED: 0-0   (CZ)

DM: N/N                               Dw: N/A

bonitation code: A62 Oc Qr S1 Xv54 Fx111,3   (CZ)

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Jara is very important and valuable female for my breeding. It's a female of a purely Czech / Slovak pedigree. Unfortunately, even in the countries of origin, such dogs are rather the exception most dogs have their pedigrees diluted by foreign ancestors. It is important to me that all Jara's ancestors have been selected for character and exterior since 1955, in the form of „bonitace“ (breed standard conformation test) in both countries of origin. Jara belongs to the group 3 in the country of origin, and her pedigree lacks almost all of the currently frequent/popular dogs, which makes her very interesting for further breeding. I'm glad her ancestry contains my favorite Arin na Blatech in the father line. But what is most important to me is my Ali Reolup from the mother's side and Amur z Ďáblova kaňonu in general and Bety Zepeř in both parts of the pedigree. The wolf exterior is supplied by Exa Vopa, which in my opinion was the most beautiful female in the history of breeding. Jara´s exterior is very special to me. She has a beautiful wide head with small triangular ears, just like her mother Xuki II od Úhoště, Xuki's father Buck II od Úhoště and Buck's father Dero Sotis. And the same goes for the wide, wedge-shaped head. From the Reolups, Jara inherited a nice longer coat. Her temperament is ideal for non-conflict coexistence in a pack. Jara is a typical omega member of the pack. She never shows dominance, I have never heard her growl at other females. She resolves heated situations by leaving. She has a very malleable, soft nature, inherited from her mother Xuki II od Úhoště.