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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Ko-ko Z Molu Es

Ko-ko z Molu Es                                                4.9.2000

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mother: Ajbix Mrazivé Ticho                      father: Hasso Kladenská záře


Honestly: Nobody never named her Koko. She is Konynka for us. Naturel, that must allways something to do, to run somewhere, to destroy something. She loves whatever activity. Even the training (!), aport, she barks, like she would not be a wolfdog. It´s a pleasure to practice with her, but I must to slow her down, not to do all the tasks in one time. She is a leader of our sledge team because she would never withstand anyone another on the leader position. Unhapilly she is a dominant and supremal and she needs to show all the time, that she is a leader. She is good, but she mustn´t stay alone instead the another dogs without a leash. Her life in somehow in an one run. She practice quickly, eats quickly, in a whole run. Sometimes she acts sooner than she thinks. She absolutelly loves the people; they all has licked the hands at once and everything, she can reach. The practices for a patience (lie and stay) are a hell for her. She lies like an stressed spring, ready to jump and to run. No wonder; she is a perfect copy of her father. Don´t remember him in a nother way, that lying and whistling that he doesn´t want to lie and to wait anymore. But her father gave to her a very nice head with a short ears and grey-white color with a minimmum of brown.