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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Dejzy III od Úhoště

  Dejzy III od Úhoště

COI: 1,77%

AVK: 91,93%

wolf blood: 28,7%

nearest wolf: 9. generation

Dejzy is an important female in my breeding. In her entire pedigree since 1955 there are only two foreign dogs. Which adds to her breeding value of. Her mother is my Tiki II od Úhoště, for which I chose Cheyen Dakmat as father. A dog that belongs to the less represented group 3 in the Czech Republic, representing mostly tall dogs with quality, longer hair. Even for Dejzy, I will choose to cover dogs with mainly original pedigrees, including dogs from Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

Dejzy's pedigree is again related to my Ali Reolup, which unifies the exterior of the dogs "od Úhoště". There is also my favorite Arin na Blatech.

Dejzy has a very pleasing exterior, a light color and a very nice head. She has no exterior defect.


Dejzy likes strangers and is very open in character. She does not cause conflicts in the pack and is very easy to handle and train. She likes to work with strangers and children and is very focused and calm when working with them. When meeting foreign females, he has no urge to clarify his position.

Bonitation code: A64 Ob Qq Xv53,9 Xf109,4  (CZ)

HD: B (1/1)              ED: 0-0  (CZ)

DM: N/N                  Dw: N/N

Photogallery of  Dejzy: here

Health test results and documents of Dejzy: here