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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Wickey Crying Wolf

Wickey Crying wolf                                   5.1.2007

bonitation code :    A65,5OiR1P1                                      rtg: A (0/0)

mother: Moki od Úhoště                                                    father: Doran z Ponického dvora




 Wickey is an young female. Because Ali was growing old, and I hadn´t from him but Moki I used the one of his last mateing and I remained from their magyar mother two puppies-females. And I did a good business. Wickey is very temperament. She loves people and she comes invite everybody on meeting. For all teme compares her power with her sister, thinking to be her, who will be a dominant one in a pack. She is a little liberal so her reacion on command "Come here" is not too quick. But she is very active and she must do anything all the time. Her exterrier is more similar to her mother. A nice wolf head with an yellow eyes, the triangular head and short ears. She has a light wolf run. Ali, her father gave to her healthy hips.