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czechoslovakian wolfdog   "od Úhoště"

Queen od Úhoště

Queen od Úhoště                                                             19.12.2006

bonitation code :    A60,5OiR1P1                                      rtg: A (0/0)

health tests:  PRA free,   DM: N/N,    dwarfismus: free

mother: Moki od Úhoště                                                    father: Doran z Ponického dvora


(foto in age 5 years)

Queen is a combination of her calm mother and a dominant grandmother Kony. It is a calm family dog loving a contact and lazy time in a heat place. She is very obedient. Her grandmother gave to her big need to set at once the relations to another females in a pack. She safely reports every dog coming around the garden. She is always very bored at the exhibitions and a similar actions, and a figurant, trying to provoke her to the action she doesn´t care. An exterrior is more from her father.